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Good routes in the nearby Oly Area

Discussion in 'Olympia' started by cjmech, May 4, 2015.

  1. Ive lived here for years but only had a bike here for a short while. List your routes if you got em please.

    I am familiar with a few routes but would love to find some new and unfamiliar gems.

    Seen something yesterday about windy ridge in Randle... any info on that one?

  2. The Randle to Windy Ridge to Cougar is pretty epic if you can live with the frost heaves.

    There is a nice ~130 mile loop from Olympia to Rainier to Bucoda to Centralia then out to Galvin and North to Oakville or Rochester and back into Tumwater. Lots of alternate routes and roads on that one.

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  4. +1

    Depending on how far you want to ride, south of Chehalis there are some roads in the Toledo/Winlock/Vadar/Boisfort areas with very little traffic. This is where I ride when I only have a few hours to spare.

    Johnston Ridge isn't that far from Olympia. Take Hwy505 from Toledo down to Hwy504.
  5. This is a great area to ride, I usually add in the roads from Galvin through Adna, then once I get through Boistfort and Vader, I continue South on Westside Highway into Longview. Depending on how ambitious you are, you can ride over the bridge into Oregon, head out through Clatskanie or Apiary road and ultimately end up in Astoria. It makes for a very nice days ride.
  6. Gents,

    A friend of mine was describing the Windy Ridge ride and that sounds like a crazy ride lol

    The Toledo/505/504/Johnston Ridge looks like a good run as well!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

    A group ride to one of these places would be pretty sweet, any takers?
  7. :secret:

    I can't do it this weekend, maybe next. Also have to time the mileage just right, have a 600 mile first service to contend with and I am sitting at 300. That would mean no riding from now until then..... Hmmm or lots of riding between now and then and hope I don't need valve shims.

    Oh and Windy Ridge or FS99 is not open yet. May 15th is the scheduled date.

    Looks like FS25 is scheduled to open today.
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  8. Here's a route I took last month (kinda sorta at least). The roads after the grange hall have sections of gravel FS-style roads, so those with street-only habits will need some other planning.

    46.799420, -123.353992 starts gravel until just shy of North River School
    Smith Creek road is also 90% gravel

    Those with small tanks would do well to refill in Raymond. My stock WRR got thirsty at Pe Ell and was happy to use the Texaco there, which serves 92 octane. Had it been closed, there's no more stations until Chehalis in 20 more miles.

    My return leg after hitting Raymond wasn't as thoroughly planned, so feel free to experiment more with that leg of the journey.
  9. I just tried to do the Thurston loop. +1 for the WTF East is up??

    I got turned around just out of Centralia and missed the good roads to the North and followed 507 through Tenino and then did the Offut Lake loop (which had three tractors at different points, so was a snoozer).

    Nice afternoon ride, but needed two bottles of water on the return!
  10. I like the 8 west, to Montesano then left to 101, down to Raymondo, back on 6 to 5, then home to rochester!