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Goofy "elitist" newbie straight line hero LOL

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Quicklimegirl, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. I was moping around last week 'cause all my $$$ has been going into trying to finish my shop before the rains come not much left for riding. Waiting on securing more funding, it was supposed to be done a week ago but still finally Kevin must've grown tired of my whining and said hey, I'll loan you some so you can go ride.

    I'd been itching to take the RD400 down to Oakridge via Ripplebrook/Detroit/Aufderheide ever since my last trip down. The owners of the Cascade Motel (great folks!) said I could lock my bike up in their secure storage. No way would I leave a clean vintage bike outside overnight!

    So yesterday I headed out at 11:00am and the temps both yesterday and today were perfect. All of the roads were in really good shape.

    I stopped @ Ripplebrook to hydrate and there were the usual bikes from each way. A couple of guys come roaring into the parking lot acting/sounding like they were some fast Ducatis & all. A couple of minutes before I headed out toward Detroit Lake they took off rather conspicuously loud & fast. I thought to myself, well I won't see them again.....

    Now anyone who's seen me knows although I have decades of experience I'm pretty current lack of fitness is a big reason why. Plus I've mellowed with age, but I do like at least a bit of a lean. Imagine my surprise when I caught up to the Ducati guys not two minutes after I left. I figured a car must've held 'em up. But as I waited for them to pull away, something funny was amiss...these guys couldn't or wouldn't lean to save their lives. They HAD to have been brand new riders. I was right on the a$$ of the back one, but I try to be polite and won't pass on DY unless it's a bike that moves over and waves me by, the same thing I do to the many riders I encountered who are faster than I.

    As soon as we would get to a significant straight, the one in front with an aftermarket exhaust would play "straight line hero" and wick it up to 80-90+ mph. I laughed at the absurdity of him, being as he seemed unable to lean even half as much as your average slow bagger HD. It was actually entertaining in a weird way.

    My RD400 is in great shape, mechanically like new but I didn't want to push it too much, so in an effort to keep this tool in sight (so I could pass him when the serious twisties about 18 miles from Detroit started) I'd go up to about 75. Each time even some really mild sweepers or turns came up I'd catch up fairly easily.

    What I forgot about was the wicked 15mph decreasing radius downhill hairpin
    about 10 miles from the Breitenbush campground. After his latest straight line heroics, I was just about caught up when I arrived at that curve; I came in way too hot....but told myself, just trust your tires! Terrified for a couple of seconds, the RD railed right through. In 35+ years of riding, I've never been over that far. It's a damn good thing that bike has rearsets, 'cause if it had the stock pegs with the under pipe loop I think I'd have been toast. The adrenaline rush from those few seconds was unreal!

    So now we're at the twisties. They came up to a Harley and didn't pass him. I was right on their ass again and even with a DY I said fuck it, I'm tired of their halfassed pace. After disapearing through a few corners, I deliberately took it easier to see if they'd catch up. Nope.

    I was getting fuel at the corner station in Detroit and I see them ride up, and then cross over 22 into the shopping area. I always eat lunch at Cedar's. Their bikes were parked there. I parked next to theirs and went in.

    After eating I went out right before they left. I was getting ready to leave, the young one (Mr. Straight line hero) was kind of passive-aggresively looking through me as I said, "Have a nice ride" when I took off. I'd almost decided to wink at him at the same time just for fun but held off. He had that look of, "why are you talking to me, I'm better than you." I laughed to myself at the fact this schmuck was so elitist yet so inept. Those thoughts kept me entertained all the way to McKenzie Bridge and the Aufderheide. Hmm maybe I'm just easily amused!

    It's weird, the last time I rode from Ripplebrook to Detroit I encountered a very young Newbie on a hot bike that couldn't ride a lick, but he didn't try to keep me from passing. I guess that road must be some kind of training route?
  2. Haha good story. I wish I had a ducati, maybe teach a thing or two on that thing. ;)

  3. I like that road alot... but each time I have ridden it I have been on a borrowed bike, so I took it easy. Last time some 'quick' riders passed me... and then I decided to play and match them for a few turns. Their braking mid-corner and ass-hanging crossed-up riding was distracting and dangerous so I decided to drop back and let them get into trouble without me. However, I did manage to follow them for a few miles... only about when I decided to drop back did the rear rider finally notice I was there. Oblivious.... After he noticed and did an obvious double take I hit the brakes and disappeared. Maybe he thought he had seen a ghost....
    I have seen all sorts of riders up there... and drivers... many of them quite scary, too many of them more smug about it too. So far, I haven't met any friendly types on that road. Down around the McKenzie area it gets noticeably more friendly and relaxed.

    Oh, and RD's are fun bikes! There is an original condition '73 RD350 in the family... such a different machine than my modern I4 in almost every way.
  4. I liked that story. Especially the part where you almost succumbed to your own sort of hubris, but pulled it out and learned something about yourself. I imagine that, though the Duc riders were putting on a brave face, they too learned something—about girls and rice-burning two-smokes.
  5. OOk

    OOk beansbaxter is too lazy to come up with something

    Cliff's notes?
  6. Didn't like how someone was riding so rode over own head and got away with it. Subsequently chickened out of talking shit to bothersome rider when given opportunity.

    That about cover it?

  7. No actually, it doesn't "about cover it."

    I'm sure most of us have been in situations in which you're held up by others. Most of the time it's a pickup pulling a boat, a motor home, sometimes a Cruiser. I don't consider it a necessity to be deliberately rude on either side -- the one held up or the one holding others up. It's also pertinent that it's actually illegal in some cases for the offending rider/driver to hold up others; have you ever seen signs which state "slower drivers must use pullouts"? (although that road doesn't have that particular requirement). Like I said, most of the time it's me who potentially will hold up faster riders, and I always wave them by as soon as I know they are there.

    I was patient to a fault. I let them do their thing for many, many miles without interfering. For one thing, I figured since they appeared to be new riders, for the one who wasn't pulling way ahead, it might alarm them to pass in certain areas/circumstances. I've had it happen, usually on NF90, where I didn't see the approaching rider yet, and before having a chance to wave them by, have them come just flying by (in my lane, too!) in a manner that is somewhat alarming. Not polite, not too safe, and I won't go out of my way to be rude in that fashion.

    When I finally did pass them, they were well aware of where I was and I didn't cause any danger or otherwise pass in a rude manner.

    What I'm puzzled by your post is, why would you think I should or would feel the need to "talk shit?" Plus I did NOT use a sarcastic tone when I told him, "have a nice ride." Had I winked or used a different tone, or laughed at him, well then I guess you could call it "talking shit." I think the pass said all I needed to say, and there really wasn't any need to take it further.

    As to coming into that curve hot, well, things happen. I generally don't try to push my riding to the 100% level, because I want to live for the next day's ride. I've had near-mishaps happen before as I'm sure most riders have, and not because of your perception of me "riding over my own head."
    When he was going 80-90+ in the straights, I wasn't trying to push it enough to stay right on him. I merely didn't remember that road having a hairpin-like curve there. At no time during the ride was I riding over my head. If that was the case, believe me I would've crashed long before I ever came to that juncture in the road.

    I was wonderng when the smartass know-it-all haters like you would come out of the woodwork. To me, the entire ride was more amusing and entertaining than annoying...if I was as bothered as you are trying to make me out to be during that ride, I would've passed them the first few minutes when I came up on 'em. :roll:

    Well, you can't please you have to please yourself.
  8. How was it riding over ones head? No crash, so clearly riding within limits.

    I have similar interactions occasionally, lately on my 690 enduro with dualsport tires. It's all good fun.
  9. OOk

    OOk beansbaxter is too lazy to come up with something

    These are not Cliff's Notes.
  10. Great story.... :mfclap:
  11. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    I see the problem. You posted this in the Portland section. Stay in the Vancouver section, we're much nicer!
  12. Must've been satisfying. I love that stuff.
  13. dscott3509

    dscott3509 Parts Collector

    I love that corner, but if you don't know it is there, it will bite you. I've been through there twice with EMS on the side of the road working on someone (once a car, once a bike). I am also extremely slow in that corner because I've encountered people in both directions blowing the corner and ending up in my lane.
  14. You really blew it there. The correct way is to pass them shortly before a wicked corner and sucker 'em into it so they crash. :devil:
  15. DGA

    DGA Moderator

    Don't fret Cleophus...MV riders are just elitist Duc riders. :mrgreen:
  16. Yes, this!
  17. That little RD runs pretty reliably (nice CHEAP crane cams XR700 ignition in that puppy...cheapest you can modify for an RD)...thank god for rearsets. The rear shocks are a joke though. Excellent reason even on an old dinosaur, reserve is a good thing. She gets traxxion fork springs and progressive rear shocks, ..she'll pretty much be set. I stole the progressives off that 400 and put them on my Daytona...heheh...

    Maybe this will give her a little more reserve and hopefully 2~5 mph more in the coynas...that would work out good for both of us! I keep telling her she is quicker on the slower bikes...more room for error too. you grab a handful on a Z1 in the powerband...yikes!
  18. Nice write-up Judy! And thanks for the heads up. I'm heading down there this Sunday and I've been going over the route a few times so I already knew there were at least a few hairpin turns (one 20mph and one 15, only been there once) so I'll remember it when it comes up.

    Spot on! Bunch of posers if you ask me :p
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