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Gordon Pinchot FS90 from Cougar

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by holypiston, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. I get the feeling you better watch your speed up there this weekend (cougar to Pine Creek). Saw one going up and on the way back w/ my gf (thank god) one white/green vehicle just waiting on the side on the way back down yesterday, while i lofted a 2nd gear power wheelie (just kidding, but a little bump int eh road doesn't hoyt.).

    seems like a good weekend for enforcement, if you will.

    thinking maybe another route for saturday anyway!!

    As always watch the friggin' tar snakes from the start of Amboy Market to the start of Chelatchie Prairie...unless you have a supermoto, even then...who knows.. I just don'tlike them and baby step through them.
  2. Saw one last week on Curly Creek...he had a car already and I had warning from a fellow motorcyclist!

  3. Oh shit I forgot to mention yesterday on my way back from cougar I saw a white dodge magnum with the forest service logo on the door. I think they're ready to start chasing us down?

    Ps, tar snakes almost bit me on my SM.
  4. It's a holiday weekend kids.8)

    You should have seen them up on hwy 12 last night,I was driving the semi up to Randle and back from Longview and there was someone pulled over every 10 miles or so.
  5. I don't ride on holiday weekends, except maybe to bike night or to the store. Too many drunks, too many cops on the roads we frequent. No thanks.
  6. Yea... Good call. It's A Good weekend to go garage sale shopping instead. LOL
  7. +1

    What he said. Five years ago this weekend my brother got hit by a car at the horse camp turn off right before Cougar and nearly killed. Ended his riding career for good and ended mine for about a year before I bought another bike. After that I made a personal promise never to ride on a holiday weekend again. Too many cars, drunks, lost people looking for their turns, law enforcement, etc to risk it on two wheels.

    Be safe out there people.
  8. Dr. E

    Dr. E Theoretical Propagandist

    We try to never go out on holiday weekends as it is just stupid crazy. Better to give up a weekend and live to ride another day.
  9. 8) Well me and buddy Herb from Yacolt rode anyway,we left Yak at 6:45 am to avoid holliday traffic and it wasn't bad all day with the route we took.
    Rode home in the woods through big Tire Jct. from Trout Lake to avoid SR14.

    Here's the route,377 miles.....
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2012
  10. Was there much gravel between goldendale and troutlake?
  11. By the way.....Who's Gordon?
  12. I think that is Gifford's younger brother :).
  13. None and Glenwood Canyon is spactacular!
    Only gravel was a couple short washouts on the 88 road and the 90 road between Troutlake and Swift,the worst being about 1/4 mile of it on the 90.
  14. :mfclap:....:mrgreen:
  15. I've never been on FS-88. I was under the impression that it eventually turned into gravel somewhere between the FS-90/88 rd jct and Trout Lake itself. Whenever I've been out that way, we have typically traveled West to East on FS-90 and have just stayed on 90 until it becomes FS-23 and then continued on into Trout Lake. FS-23 runs into Mt. Adams Rd/Mt. Adams Recreation HWY about a 1/4 mile north of Trout Lake. Glad to know that there is another interesting route to Trout Lake that isn't a predominately gravel road.

    Sounds like you all had a great run.
  16. Forest Service has a no chase policy and no other enforcement up there can keep up with a sportbike, so no problemo :thefinge:
  17. You get back in there and the road narrows then you see a sign that says "end of pavement" but it's not really,just a short washout that's been graveled.
    Not near as bad as the one on 90 between Lower Falls and Curly Creek.
    Oh and yeah it was a great ride!
  18. Not sure about that one. The one park ranger guy up there in a pick up loves to chase bikes (ask Jen :stir:).
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