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Gorge Bike Night 2015

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by R1 Jackal, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Yep, still the Clock Tower.

    All ~ Bike Night this Friday 04/17, 6 pm.
  2. 04Gixxer600, I saw many familiar faces at Bike Night tonight, oddly yours was not one of them. We are all expecting a solid explanation.

  3. By popular demand, Bike Night will now be Every Friday night through the duration of the 2015 Spring/Summer riding season. If you are limited to the First Friday, third Friday or even the twelfth Friday of each month, no problem. We will be happy to see you whenever we can.
  4. Unfortunately I even have to give an explanation! My sister and niece and nephew came to visit and I was hoping to go out for dinner (clocktower) however they brought a roast and it didn't take much thinking for me to realize I would not like to go there with a 2 and 4 year old haha
  5. Sigh... Well after this evenings vote, it would seem there will be plenty more opportunities.
    It should be noted though, that the person who asked for a 3rd Friday bike night was conspicuously absent....first strike.

    At 20 strikes we become mildly annoyed.

    At 40 strikes we will ask what we did to offend.

    At 60 strikes you are subject to a beat down from our newly elected Sargent at Arms, not make the kitten angry.

    You riding with us tomorrow?
  6. Hahaha that's great, I'm hoping to do an afternoon ride after I get my tires put on, my girlfriend wants to go fishing tomorrow so I'm gonna get up for breakfast with me n my sister n her kids, then going fishing until I go to get my tires changed so I don't know about a morning ride, however if some people would like to meet up after I get my tire changed I'm going riding. N yes when I was asking for another bike night it was not with intention of missing the next one, sisters have this weird thing about not telling you they're coming to visit til the night before, funny how that works.
  7. I'm definitely in for Friday night. Who else?
  8. Sounds like a plan :stir:

    Maybe 04Gixxer600 might even show ?!??! :nana
  9. Would have if I didn't have other obligations, fund raiser tonight and next Friday for my sisters hood to coast team. If anyone wants to buy raffle tickets for a fishing trip on the ocean let me know, I have 3 left but I can't sell any after the fourth, they're 10$ and if you win you get to choose either a tuna trip for 2 people or halibut for 3, all paid except bring your own food. The date of the trip will be made between you and the captain of the ship. Also I can't make SMC I have work tomorrow, doin an open house swap meet tomorrow at work, anyone can feel free to stop by.
  10. I'm thinking about stopping in post-ride. Sorry you will not be able to make SMC...always better than bike night, because it is followed by a ride. Hoping it will not be too long before you show up for either one of them...
  11. Did anyone show? I went by a couple of times but didn't see any bikes out front.
  12. We watched you ride by, twice.... :mrgreen:
  13.'s the thing about "bike night"....there tends to be a lot more talking than riding. That being said, some great rides have been born from those talks.

  14. Wow...he's much more generous than I was. crackup:
  15. Meeting with Casey at the 76 station at 4:30 and heading out for a Friday afternoon/evening ride (all are welcome) then we intend to get this "Every Friday night is Bike night" thing rolling. This is how I am spending my wedding anniversary, let's make it count.
  16. I was able to weasel my way out of my sisters fundraiser so I am game for bike night tomorrow night. I'd like to say I'm in for the ride at 4:30 but that totally depends on when I get off of work which I have no way of knowing ahead of time.
  17. Gixxer, if you are running late, shoot me a text. We can either wait a few minutes for you or swing by your work to meet up.
  18. Soooo....this turned in to a pretty damn sweet Bike Night. We accidentally met and rode with a couple of new riders and had some quality post-ride time at Clocktower. Jackal, you and your Windex were missed. Will you make SMC?
  19. I'm planning on a solo ride after work tomorrow...because my brain and my bike need it, but if anyone is interested in 6:00 P.M. Clocktower, I am in.
  20. Anybody planning on a bike night tonight? Last I looked weather is supposed to clear up this afternoon, we'll see if that holds true.