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Gorge Bike Night 2015

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by R1 Jackal, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Who's in for Bike Night (July 3rd)?

    Rumor is that the group has been meeting at River Tap.
  2. We didn't start at Rivertap, but we finished there. We may as well start there this time. I know Quixote prefers the more scenic view at Rivertap.
  3. Bike Night tonight!

    6 pm, River Tap. We'll discuss the valley ride for tomorrow.

    Who's in?
  4. Wait....what??
  5. This Friday? Mid-month Bike Night?
  6. Mel ~ there was a Hwy 34 run to the coast the other weekend. Got to take Flamin Beans on his 1st run.....drama was to follow afterwards.
  7. I'm out for Friday night.
  8. Well...looks like I am trying to revive a dead threat, but...This year, the first Friday in January is also the first day of the year and the first Bike night of the year. Clocktower? 6:00ish?
  9. Does seem fairly dead huh lol. Haven't been on here in quite a while, guessing it's the same story for some others. We're getting closer to better weather though so maybe the revival can take place.
  10. Better Days are coming...

    For those that showed up for Bike Night, I apologize for not being there. I received some bad information from a curmudgeon...

    Warmer weather is coming. We need to regroup, reorganize and find a way to make more rides happen...for all types of riders. (I have heard rumor around town that we are too there such a thing?)

    2016 goals: more rides, more riders and more fun. We are all here for the same reason.

  11. Agreed. I forget to check on here a lot of the time, feel free to still send a text though, it'd be appreciated.
  12. What he said ^^^^

    Plus you may want to check "the other" pnw forum ( for the latest on meetings and events.