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got a ticket and need advice

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by djTOY2000, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Received a speeding ticket for doing 65pmh in a 55mph zone as well as a moddified exhaust ticket.

    MY BIKE = RED/BLK '06 GSXR 600


    Officer stated that he "approximated my speed" to be that because of the "sound" of my bike accellerating and that it "appeared" as though i was also exceeding the speed limit in a 45mph zone based on the sound of my bike.

    REALLY ?

    MY QUESTION IS that JUSTIFIABLE reason for issuing a ticket and persuing based on assumptions ??

    the Officer that stopped me, or at least who i presumed is the officer (because he never said where he was when he "heard" me), was traveling in opposite direction (eastbound) as the route i was traveling (westbound) and had to loop down and under and back to persue.

    (see map below)

    I SAW the officer right after i made my passing of the merging construction vehicles because before i "go" i always scan ahead and then re-gather where and what i am doing after i pass .

    Then a minute or two later saw the officer coming up on me in my mirrors FAST so i even looked down to see myself traveling at 52mph and was even being passed by a red truck traveling at least 65pmh.

    I continued my travel of SR432 for approx .5 miles at 54-58mph until he stopped and cited me. he said he was pacing me at 68mph.

    was rather dumbfounded at the whole situation because i didn't do anything wrong to my knowledge other than the acceleration to get around merging construction vehicles for my safety.

    What really irritated me the most was the comment he gave to me about the chest/spine protection vest i was wearing saying "is this really going to protect you ?" (with a slight chuckle tone to it)

    I was also sited for having moddified exhaust on the bike as that was what "alerted him" to my presence and estimated speed


    **NOTE: this is just an example of why i will be investing in a couple gopro cameras for when i hit the road and will be recording my every moment, speed, situation, because of what i feel is blatant harrassment against those that ride.
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  2. Good work, I changed mine as well. 09/16/12

    You need to change that to read like...

    "Was I speeding?, whether I was or was not speeding is not the question here....."
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  3. That aside I hope that when the officer asked you "Do you know why I pulled you over?" you should have said no. And when he asked "Do you know how fast you were going?" you didn't answer at all.
    These are the trick question they will throw at you to get you to admit your guilty, put it in there report that you admitted it and then your screwed.
  4. Officer: Do you know why I pulled you over?
    Rider: Becuase you always wanted a bike like this and needed some rider feedback?
    Officer: Do you know how fast you were going?
    Rider: I do (pause) do you?
    Officer: Are you getting smart with me?
    Rider: No actually the longer you are with me the dumber I feel.
    Officer: Watch it Mister or you will be in alot of trouble
    Rider: Watch what and where should I look for it
    Officer: That's it I had enough of you
    Rider: Cool have a good day (twists throttle and rides off after all the officer said he had enough of him)
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  5. I got one of thoes tickets before. Cop said he heard my exhaust and assumed I was speeding. Gave me a ticket for Riding To Fast For Conditions. It was wet out. I took it to court and the judge threw it out. But I do suggest getting an attorney to do it for you. I'd rather pay for that then the ticket.
  6. Sounds like the officer was being a dick. He heard you? Didn't know LEOs had specific ear training on performance vehicles/exhaust that directly correlated to knowing what gear the vehicle is in to estimate the exact speed at the time...let alone while going the other direction.

    Hopefully it works out man...just an unfortunate situation.

    Glad my bike is on the quiet side of the spectrum with the stock exhaust. (Sounds like a sewing machine lol)
  7. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Quit admitting (in a public forum) you where speeding. Did the noise maker get you the attention you deserved?
  8. Cop: I pulled you over becuase you sounded like you were going to fast
    Rider: Really that is the second time I heard that I sounded like I was going fast today
    Cop: Who else told you that?
    Rider: Your kids when I was leaving your wifes bedroom this morning
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  9. ^^^This!

    And take note of HOW he told you what brought his attention to you with your "modified exhaust", had it been someone like me on a stock CBR-XX doing 75+mph and barely making a sound doing it, he wouldn't have even paid attention.
  10. dscott3509

    dscott3509 Parts Collector

    Would you all quit telling people to stop giving out all the details on a traffic ticket to people? How else can the rest of us enjoy these posts?
  11. Instead of speeding up to avoid merging traffic, why didn't you just move over. There was another lane to your left.

    I agree with others, lawyer up. Oh, also, you don't want a mitigation hearing, you want a contested hearing. Who got you? State or County?
  12. Sounding fast isn't the same as going fast. If he wrote you for a specific speed, he has to verify it by either a radar, laser, or pace. The law does read that you can't have an exhaust louder than originally installed on the vehicle. You could fight it based off of the "sounds fast" comment. I would recommend changing the exhaust though, since it did grab undue attention.
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  13. 1. Call a lawyer
    2. See #1

    There is a list I made on mc talk here. On phone so its a bitch to link.
  14. id write a letter prior to the court date, make sure its sent certified stating the conditions of your "speeding" and put your stock exhaust back on (you do have it dont you? situations like this make sense to keep it).

    do you think it will? can you blame him then?
  15. Sounds pretty weak to me. Speeding based on sound? Gimme a break. Unless I read it incorrectly, and assuming that's all he has on you, I would take that sh*t to court expecting for them to drop it. I kind of understood it that cops get recognition for issuing citations regardless of whether or not the charge sticks. Is that an urban legend?
  16. Right where the officer was spotted and also the same place he had to get back onto Tennant Way to follow you, the speed limit changes from a 45 to a 55. He can't get on "exhaust tone" on how fast you were going.

    I would get a lawyer if it isn't too expensive. Radar gun tickets can be fought using the "Cosign Effect" error that is generated from angle of the gun in relation to the target. However, I can't see this one holding up on just a simple observation. Nice try officer.
  17. You talk to too much.

    Get a lawyer, but it might be too late....
  18. I got an advise for you... Slow down!!!!! ...
  19. Why are you telling this to the Internet, instead of a lawyer?
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