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GPS Planning App that does it all?

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Griskins, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Advice on a GPS trip planning app is needed. "All I want" is an app that will do the following (with the app that won't in parentheses):
    1. Let me plan a route with multiple waypoints and not just the shortest A to B route (not Google Maps)
    2. Plan a route that I can share across devices and also with other people (not CoPilot)
    3. Not eat my battery over 400 miles even if I have the device charging the entire time (not Rever)
    4. Actually give me driving instructions instead of a track that I can get off of if I don't stare at the screen instead of the road (not Rever)
    5. NOT require a separate device (All GPS only devices)
    What I have found is that all apps tell me they're the best thing since sliced bread, but once I install them I start using them, and then comes the "Oh, s**t" moment.

    Well, boys and girls, does it exist?
  2. If you find it, ping me on here.. I've been searching for an app like this

  3. OK, well send me any further specs you want. I am approaching a developer I worked with in the past when I wrote specs to see if he is freelancing. CoPilot and Rever come SO close but are far enough away, that I spent a couple of hours this evening just plotting routes on a map for my tank bag. How primitive.
  4. You pretty much got it down to a T, Yup I remember those days. You'd think with all this technology we'd have something already lol.
  5. Try the TomTom app for Android and Apple.

    The Winding Roads routing works great.

  6. If you don't mind an extra step, I think Google maps might do everything you're asking for. If you're willing to do route planning on your computer, the full version of Google maps will let you plan a crop ton of waypoints and allows you to drag your route line to alternate roads it wouldn't ordinarily select automatically. When you're done, if you're logged into Google on the computer with the same account as on your phone there will be an option to "send to phone". Your phone will appear on the list. Just click and bam- The route you just planned is ready and waiting on your phone. You can also email/text the route to yourself, and, if you're really need, you can export the route to a gpx to use with basically any app or device.
  7. Google Maps will allow you to do multiple waypoints as well using your phone.

    You start by finding your final stop. You may then need to add your starting point. Once that's done there are 3 dots to the right of your starting point. Tapping on those brings up a menu of options including adding a stop.

    For an app that works like a standalone GPS unit I've always used the Garmin app. I know the reviews are horrible but it's always worked for me. It just takes time to get started because you have to download the maps you want first. Also it doesn't work like a phone app. It works like their standalone units so you have to learn how to use it.
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  8. Is the Harley ride planner app worth a crap? I downloaded it after reading about it in a thread like this on some forum but have never tried to use yet.
  9. Google Maps actually works alright in that mode. Those "stops" actually mean stop though, not a smooth way-point. This gets slightly annoying when you have to fish it out of a pocket and remove gloves to keep it moving after it says "you've reached your destination." Nope, only 1/10th of the way there...