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Great Motocorsa visit!

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by jlburgess, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. I was pretty bummed about the mechanical probs on the Aprilia I sold, so couldn't resist a trip to motocorsa this afternoon. They have been offering 848's at 2% financing with no down payment. That worked out great because I had 4 bucks in my wallet and left with this ;) Jason had me out of there in an hour, no money down, and $270 a month. Very happy!


  2. "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday, for one bad ass cycle today" Nice bike!!!
  3. Nice one! Congrats!!

    I love that shop :)
  4. drool. I love the 848.
  5. I was in there around 11:30 and saw that. They had it right up front and you fell for the trap! If I had the extra $$$, I would have fallen for it toooooo!
  6. I had a $500 deposit on that bike right before the PSSR Ridge day sept 8th 9th, but chilled out and will wait till I sell my FZ1... at least that's what the wife asked me to do.

  7. So....I am assuming you dropped $15K on that baby? :shock:

    Hope you don't experience a financial hangover around January...
  8. Great weather next week, lets break that puppy in. :mfclap::mfclap:
  9. I don't think John's hurting for money.
  10. $270/month...that's gonna take you 10 years to payoff
  11. Uh, at 270/mo it'd take about 5 years...
  12. Love it!! Congratulations!
  13. nice looking bike i'm sure you will have lots of fun on it
  14. I'm in for that. When is the next Lee ride? Might be able to break it in before motofit at the ridge...
  15. I am free this whole week so pick your day. :mrgreen:
  16. That's a lot per month. About twice as much as my ZX10.
  17. Jeez, that is nice. Congrats man.
    I wonder if they'll take a trade for my SV.....hahahah..doubt it.
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