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Greetings, and a question (please no WA/OR crap)

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by Clay G, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Hey!

    Some of you may have come and ridden around with me a bit, typically over west of pdx.

    I sometimes host a 'New Riders Ride' that covers things like:
    • Survival Reaction definitions
    • Survival Reaction avoidance
    • Throttle Rule #1
    • THE mental and spriritual aspects of surviving on the street (yeah - vague, huge... and basically I mean the 'give up the ego' thing)

    A few folks have asked if I can try to host a discussion and a ride over in your neck of the woods. Being totally open to the idea, there are but a couple questions:

    1. What would be best day? (I would suggest Wednesday, maybe Tuesday)

    2. Where would be best meet up? (need somewhere with AC if it is too hot, space for bikes to park, somewhere at least shaded (hopefully) for about 45 mintues of 'group' discussion)

    3. ROUTE?? For this - I would LOVE for someone to come over to the West Side Wednesday Ride, where I usually host a new rider's ride while others go rippin', and tag along on the route that I take. The roads and pattern of those roads normally followed are deliberate and allow specific and normally directed practices for the new riders. So, one of the 'local' Vancouver folks could hopefully point me to a similar route up your way.

    Well, Thanks!

    I hope to pull it together sometime around the end of Aug or beginning of Sept.

    Stay safe everyone! :mrgreen:
  2. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Not Tuesday please, that's our coffee night. Wednesday would be good as we already have a Wednesday night ride going, but I don't lead it. Need to talk to BPWilson about that.

  3. I would say at the standing Wednesday ride.

    Devin usually leads it, but I cannot imagine he would have any issue with sharing the parking lot with ya. There is plenty of parking and lots of room inside too. Plus doughnuts for everyone to get jacked up on before the ride.

    Not sure on a route. Maybe I will pop out this Wed, if you are having one on the West side, to see if I can come up with something for you. However, I am pretty new to the area so I am not sure how helpful I will be. Hopefully, some other Vantuckians will be willing to tag along with me over to see you all this Wed.
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  4. Awesome so far! Would love to get everyone's thoughts on the ride and how to promote the 'new rider' aspect of it over that way!! One key thing is I'm not looking to overshadow or take over anything! There has been some interest in my specific message for new riders and the concern that maybe only west side folks 'deserve' to hear my 'hints' - yeah, nope! :mrgreen:

    Looking forward to it!
  5. Hey Clay, it has been a while since I went on one of your new rider rides. The one I went on was only about an 'hour plus' long before we ended up at Ava's (I believe it was late summer/early fall that particular day). How long do you typically aim for on these rides, as that could be a limiting factor on the recommended routes.
  6. As i first season rider I am always looking for tips to help improve my riding skills. If you do a class I would very interesting is attending.
  7. i went on a couple of clay rides a few years back. i would say the way you had it back then went well. kept two groups, fast groups leaves first, newbies go with you last. Stress the dont try to keep up rule, thats what brings most new riders down.
  8. Clay, you could do Portland on Tuesdays and Vancouver on Wednesdays? Just a suggestion, but looks like once a week for Portland is enough and now you have Tuesdays free too, right?
  9. Lenght of ride: I have about an hour long discussion where I put out a few perspectives that I've heard very few others share, then I like to ride until dark. (obviously the route is key)

    Those that have been on the west side rides, do you recall:

    easy, 40 mph hr road, mostly sweeping calm turns (skyline)
    tight, technical down and up hill goat trail type roads (Mcnamee and Logie Trail)
    easy, chilled roads (skyline)
    if time permits - another tight technical goat trail type road (OLD German Town Road)

    [[all ridden slowly, calmly and with MUCH focus on specific 'practice' exercises]]

    Lena - yes, that is a thought. But actually Tuesday would probably be better for me, sorry to crowd the coffee night - but it works well when I end my rides at the Tuesday night coffee in Beaverton. Why wouldn't that same thing work in 'couve?

    I would be looking for some 'seasoned' assistance over there with the route suggestions and leaders.
  10. HEY DAVE!!!

    yeah - those are some KEY words!

    my 'Thing' is this:

    I'm not fast enough and don't have the 'racer' mentality - so I'm not such a great 'track coach' (I've done it a little, and helped racers too, but couldn't keep up with them to see if they were following my suggestions! :shock: )

    I typically don't have the patience (or free time) to help someone get ready for their endorsement test (or class). (but again, I have done that in the past)

    What folks tell me I am 'good at' is taking a 'new rider' and getting some KEY info into their conciousness that helps them survive, then thrive, riding on the streets. Basically, those first few thousand miles are the MOST DANGEROUS - and I am trying to focus on helping THOSE guys SURVIVE! :mrgreen: So basically, that gap from a newly licensed rider to a track day enthusiast is where I am pretty good at hanging out.

    There are about a billion topics we can discuss that fit into those categories. Things like effective steering, line selection, road's changing camber, body position, body dynamics on the bike, suspension setup, gear selection (don't wear tinted visors on twisties), effective throttle use, brake techniques and practicing... are all topics I'm very comfortable discussing. :mrgreen:

    but - bottom line, ego is your number one enemy when you are on a bike. And it aint just 'new riders' that have that issue! I assure you!!

    Everybody - please BE SAFE!


  11. I would love to go to this.... are we talking this Wednesday or next week?
  12. I need to work on tight technical downhill's. Would the meeting place be in Vancouver and then head over to the areas listed above?
  13. sooo... the hope was, you guys would have the answers!! :)

    Research in progress on 'best day' and 'good route'.

    Interesting idea katatonic3!

    let me do some google mappin'...

    ok... How do you guys feel about meeting somewhere like HERE, around 5:30, on a Tuesday night, with the intention of returning to Vancouver for the Tuesday night coffee gathering?

    Using that spot for an hour or so, then hitting the St John's bridge, we can access those roads I am familiar with (*providing known practice and excitement values*) fairly easily. Then, we can wrap up and head back to 'couve for yall's TNC.

    how does that sound?

    As for a date? -how about we shoot for Aug 28?

    **where exactely is the Coffee gathering for couve on Tuesday eve? (If it is the same place as the Wednesday gathering, it would take about half an hour to get from the end of our twisties to that spot... so it's do-able! :) )
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  14. Devil1

    Devil1 Blingaphobe

    Tight technical = Woodland to Kalama on Green MTN road. or out there in Amboy. or wherever those 10mph curves are just after the 1 lane bridge.
  15. NOooooo! My secret route exposed! Please, no loud pipes if you do it as there are lots of houses along the route and I don't want cops or sabotage when I ride it.
  16. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Coffee is at 6 PM a the Starbucks by Home Depot and Costco on Andresen and Padden Parkway.
  17. twistiest bit I know of for sure!
  18. OK Clay, here's a few ideas.

    Washougal River Rd (WRR) Area


    The above route is what we normally take if we are heading down the Gorge in order to bypass SR-14 in the Washougal/Camas area. Unfortunately, there is a bridge out on Washougal River Rd that requires a detour down into Washougal in order to by pass the bridge. The detour is well marked and will bring you back to WRR a few hundred yards east of Hughes Rd. I've never taken the detour myself, so I can't really comment on it.

    The route detour below is made up of roads that I have taken before, and should get you around the bridge closure as well. Additionally, it will give you an idea of a few more roads that are out there too.


    Both of the above routes end at a transit center/trail head right off SR-14. We typically use it as a break stop as it has a bathroom.

    Cougar - Pine Creek - Carson AKA Cougar/Carson Loop


    Even if you don't have time to do the whole loop (you actually might be able to depending on departure time, and a slab back on SR-14), just going up to Cougar or even beyond to the Pine Creek Ranger station, can be a nice ride in and of itself.

    Hope the info helps.
  19. Wait a minute.....those are my secret route's. LOL J/K crackup: those are great roads to practice slow technical maneuvers. Green MTN does have lots of house's so want to be respectful.

    Aug 28th at 5:30 at that spot sounds great! I'll be there.
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