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FS: GSXR 1000 + extras

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by Nox, May 2, 2017.

  1. Copy pasta from my numerous recently placed CL ads: DSC_0870.JPG DSC_0871.JPG DSC_0873.JPG DSC_0875.JPG DSC_0876.JPG DSC_0878.JPG DSC_1014.JPG
    So up for sale is a nice GSXR 1000 K7 - this is the first year they introduced the variable power band to compensate for different riding capabilities - Mode A (unrestricted), Mode B (reduced power until 50% throttle is applied), and Mode C (reduced power throughout the rpm regardless of throttle application)
    As you can see this bike is in great used condition. I bought this last summer because was missing an old 600 I had that was stolen - I wanted a bigger framed bike because I am a bigger framed guy (6'5", 290lb) so I thought that a 1000 with the power band adjuster would fit me well. Unfortunately I was wrong, and coming from a 600 to this beast was a mistake (especially since I've only been riding motorcycles for just over a year)
    This bike has POWER, and to be honest scared me more than I was comfortable with..sooo, after having it sit after 5 rides I've made the decision to get rid of it to someone that can treat it like it needs to be.

    Bike is in good condition other than the crack in the fairing (see picture) and I've factored that into the selling price, starts strong, no stutters and runs clean.
    I have a clean title in hand, registered to me, never been down, and other than the crack in the fairings (that used to have a sticker over it) this bike is in good visual condition as well. I had many many compliments on this ride as I was taking it around town just getting used to it after I bought it - and I'm sure you will too!
    Also included is a magnetic tank bag, new gel handles, new passenger pegs ( I wanted silver, it has black) a complete new synthetic oil change kit, and a used (new to me) brake rotor I bought off ebay for a spare.

    Asking 5500 but we can dicker - don't insult me with some BS lowball. Test riders need to have asking price in cash (in my hand) before you get on it. I'm not interested in trades, cash only - and no, I won't trade for weed..that isn't valid currency.

    If you are interested, you can call or text me at 5 4 1, four four one, 0 four 7 0 I work until 4:30 weekdays, so if you don't get a fast reply don't sweat it. I'm not allowed to have my phone on the floor.
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  2. Update to the price (after several changes)
    Now selling for 3800, all extras still included.

  3. Is the bike all stock? How many miles?
  4. The picture shows the odometer at just over 22,000 miles

  5. The picture shows the odometer at just over 22,000 miles

  6. i just bought a k7 for 5000 with similar miles. this is a good deal!
  7. fighting with myself not to buy this. great deal .
  8. Is this guy still around? Is the bike still for sale?