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gun control ignorance or gut reactions?

Discussion in 'Westside' started by kyler jenson, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. Thought I'd "bait" the water a tad here. My son and I were talking this morning about the controversy around shootings , gun control. And to me the issue boils down to two basic ideas.
    One being the people who don't know about guns and Two, those who do. For example, Those who don't know have a knee jerk response and say banish "these" types of guns. while those who know say it's a "people" problem. More controls over the operators of said equipment would make more sense than getting rid of "things" that hurt people. Since when have we ever done that? For example, driver kills 4 people in car accident. Do we take away cars? No, we put away the person. Let's extrapolate this to ridiculous for a sec. Take away semi-autos rifles and then Must take away semi-auto pistols. After all "pistols" kill more people. Hang on, there are more knife related deaths than pistols.. Then, there are more blunt force trauma related deaths than any of the above. And of course more car related deaths than all the above. Hell, Cigarettes kill way more than all those too. Taking away everything isn't gonna work. More governmental communication would help. Between the local, state, and feds. For example, when the church shooter was released from the air force they knew about the guys instabilities but the air force and the feds dropped the ball. The Florida shooter told people he was going to do that. This is not about things that hurt us and taking away things is a ridiculous rabbit hole my opinion. KJ
  2. I own several firearms. I don't own any 'scary looking' AR types, though. :) Thought about it, but honestly? I don't really need one. Yes, I know. I don't need 30 motorcycles, either, but.... I know folks are gonna get PO'd at this, but I really think that some sort of psych test/mental health eval should be part of being able to purchase a gun. But the issue I see with MH eval is what baseline are they going to use? My 'normal' is certainly not someone else's 'normal'. I've been a 911 dispatcher for almost 21 years. My normal would make some people curl up in the fetal position and cry for their mommy. does that mean I have a mental problem? No. NO. haha HIPPA rules aside, who gets to see the results of your test? I've had a pysch test done, those things aren't cheap. Does one need to take that day long test/interview or is there going to be an abbreviated version? How often do you have to take it?

    Ban certain types of weapons? Yeah, lets look back at how successful the now defunct assault weapons ban was. Didn't stop the boys at Columbine, did it?

    Raise the purchase age to 21?

    But what has fueled the rise? Accessibility of weapons? Lack of parenting? No coping skills? Anger management problems? Lack of discipline? violent movies, videos games, music? Lack of respect? Helicopter parenting and parents fear of being arrested for disciplining their child sure hasn't helped. I can still remember the sound of my dad's leather belt clearing the belt loops, and how much my ass hurt after two or three swings. You do that today, child abuse!!!

    But yeah, the branches of government need to get their $hit together and communicate. Do their freaking job and enforce the rules that we have. That would be a good start.
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  3. As a gun owner of all types of guns, I find these arguments tired and unavailing. The gun lobby has had too much influence. Restrictions on the sales of assault weapons are a necessary and important step to protect our children in an era of video game violence and unbridled behavior. Columbine was the first school shooting I am aware of, which occurred during the ban. Yes, we can't put the guns away, but there have already been four school shootings this year. The justification for assault weapons based on raising arms against the government simply fall short - look at the Branch Davidians. Yes, I have changed my tune. It is time to do something. Either ban the guns, raise the age, or extend liability to the parents as well as the manufacturers. Imagine if your own child was one of the victims of these senseless crimes. There is no liberty that would make that sacrifice acceptable.
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  4. Chicago has the highest rate of gun related deaths in the country, yet has the strongest gun control laws. Who has the guns? The gangs and criminals. Who doesn't? The law abiding citizen.

    And with the way the cops are persecuted in the country, in some of those areas they just stand back and wait for the shooting to stop. I'm not talking about Florida either. The cities and neighborhoods where the politicians take the side of the criminals, they cops are holding back. It's safer for them, and they don't get politicians coming after their careers. I don't blame them at all.

    So where does that leave you? I think at some point crime may get to the point where the cops are so busy elsewhere that you need to protect your family yourself. So I'll keep my weapons and be ready to protect those I love.

    It was interesting how an Illinois neighbor stopped a man attacking his neighbor with a knife. The man went back into his apartment and brought out his AR-15. No shots needed to be fired. They stopped the attacker and held him for the police.

    I've noticed two things about the politicians and media that push for gun control. First, before anyone even knows what happened, they are pushing vehemently to take away guns. Secondly...they have armed security to protect them.
  5. As for the Chicago problem, the guns are easily available 40 minutes away in Indiana where there isn't any gun control.
  6. I really feel we need to resolve this by the root, otherwise weeds will always grow back. Everyone is talking about the what, what is being used to kill these kids. But what we really need to solve is why. Guns have been around forever but yet why is there an up rise in kids shooting kids in the last 20yrs only? Imo these kids lack love and respect. It's all about me me me nowadays. But we can't solely blame them since it's our generation that is raising them. We really need to go back to the good ole days spending time with our kids and teaching them some good morals. We must start at home, don't depend on the schools and society to teach our kids what is right and wrong.

    And is it just me or is it the norm nowadays to shy away from guns and religion? It's like if you mention guns or religion all of a sudden your're put on the defense and have to explain yourself.
  7. But where would a ban end? My semi auto pistols can fire a shot as quickly as I can pull the trigger. The only limit is size of magazine and how fast I can swap them out. Does that mean that anything that can hold more than one bullet/cartridge at a time should be banned?

    And blame the mfg'rs? Why? We all know what guns do. They make the product, they have zero control over how it gets used.

    Tech1930 is right. Education. Love. Respect. Religion (if that's your thing) I had access to weapons when I was a kid. I also had an outlet for my frustration and anger and problems: My family. It seems that a lot of kids don't have that anymore. It also seems that a lot of parents don't want to deal with it. Or they don't have time. Vicious cycle and I have no idea how to break it.
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  8. IMO, the biggest issue we have with gun control is the general ignorance of the public, and the fact that their ignorance is abused by politicians constantly. I'm so tired of seeing politicians get on TV and say, "We need universal background checks..." or "You shouldn't be able to buy a gun online without a background check..." or "We need to close the gun show loophole!".

    In order:
    • We have universal background checks already. All licensed dealers are required to complete background checks for all firearm sales. And if you're dealing in firearms without a license, you're committing a felony.

    • You can "pay" for it online, but it then has to be shipped to a licensed FFL Dealer who is then required (by federal law) to conduct a background check before you can take possession of it.

    • The "loophole" is that you can go to a gun show and buy a gun from someone who also happens to be there. That is just a private sale. You cannot buy a gun from a firearms dealer (in a store or at a gun show) without having a background check. Period.

      The only way to close the "loophole" is to require all private sales/transfers to go to a licensed FFL and have them conduct a background check. I'm not really opposed to that idea except that I think it's completely unenforceable.

    I'm new here and am probably preaching to the choir, but thought I'd share my .02. Even in Louisiana, the amount of ignorance on this topic is so staggering that I had to stop talking to people about it. Even after you explain the existing laws and actual buying process to someone who has decided to be anti-gun, they usually choose to just stick with their first opinion.
  9. Guess I made a wrong turn here. Thought this site was about motorcycles.
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  10. i hear ya. a couple weeks ago it was hard to avoid this subject on more than one site. Now things are quieting down. So I'm riding again today! KJ