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Happy Thanksgiving, Sunday ride....?

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by daytona595, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. I hope everyone is having a great day. It was dry enough to get both bikes out and move some fluids through them, they have been sitting on battery tenders with fuel stabilizer since mid-October. Now that the leaves are mostly off the roads and with hunting season over I will be trying to ride a bit more. I hope to ride this Sunday, go over to W.Seattle, follow the waterfront down to Tacoma and back up to Port Orchard. Buffalo tacos for lunch in Tacoma. Let me know if you are in for this holiday weekend ride!
  2. Might be interested... Whats the pace gonna be like???:popcorn:

  3. IN! dont care about weather or pace. time to meet some new people.
  4. Texasl

    Texasl Totally Charming Retired Moderator

    Following the waterfront from west Seattle to Tacoma would imply the the pace cannot be too hectic, unless everyone blows the stop lights and uses the sidewalks.

    Possibly in, depending on scheduling from the Admiral. :roll:
  5. Buffalo tacos? You must be referring to tatanka take out. Love that place! Keep us posted on time frame, I might be in. I'm in Tacoma, so maybe meet up somewhere along the way...

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  6. Probably, depending on the time of the ride.
  7. Be on the lookout for my missing Bike:
    Shoot to kill if you find it!

    Those jerks took my gloves that are on the back too! If anyone was wondering yes that is illegal gravel that I'm parked on in the picture. Oddly enough my DRZ and my buddy's HD don't have any balance issues on it though.
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  8. Thanks to everyone that replied. Here is how this may look on Sunday. Take the 11:30 ferry over to W. Seattle from Southworth. Ride up to Alki, make the Tulley's at Alki the meeting spot over there, about 12:30. From there you head south along the water, kind of. Thru Des Moines, follow 509 to Tacoma, up to Ruston to eat buffalo, then thru Gig Harbor and Ollalla. It makes a great 4 hour winter ride. The pace? it won't be slow but it will be mostly legal. David? You available for this on Sunday? Good day to test the heated gloves.
  9. Past experiences have shown me to ask before joining :roll:

    See you all on Sunday..
  10. I'll check with TKOTS (The Keeper Of The Schedule) on this ride - sounds rather intriguing as I have yet to ride across the Narrows Bridge on the bike. The gloves do ROCK though!!
  11. This is starting to sound good! You will like the ride, it's a very entertaining city tour, with some views and even a few good twisties. We'll top it off with a great lunch. I will see some of you at the Southworth ferry for the 11:30 run, we'll see who we add in Seattle and points south.
  12. Meet ya at southworth!
  13. Great, see you tomorrow morning down at the ferry. Checked my oil and tires, all set to go.
  14. OUT...

    ALthough I did get a ride in today whilst the gurlz were playing in Seattle!!
    See the Kitsap TAG section!!

    DAD duty TRUMPS Bikes ALMOST every time!!
    Have a BLAST tomorrow...
  15. I'll be at Southworth then. See you guys there.
  16. I'll meet you guys at the w Seattle ferry dock.

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  17. Texasl

    Texasl Totally Charming Retired Moderator

    Looks like the Admiral is punching my liberty card, so I should see y'all at the Southworth dock. :mfclap:

    (But don't make them hold the boat on me. :roll:)
  18. Great. I will see everybody down there.
  19. Larry, what do you mean that I can't ride on the sidewalks in Seattle! And not blowing the red lights??? What will we do for fun?
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