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happy thanksgiving.

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by jezterr, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    merry turkey day y'all. hope things are going well. if you're traveling, ride/drive/fly/boat/waddle safely.
  2. ya beat me to the post...Happy Turkey Day all...remember there is happiness in Turkey (pun intended).

    I'll be seeing you all in Seattle in a couple weeks for the moto show. Looks like I'll be over there for 5-6 days, so there should be ample time if anyone wants to meet up and chit chat about chit chat.

  3. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    Just got back from Seattle myself... hope everyone had a good time with family, or if nothing else had something to be thankful for.

  4. Why would anyone dredge up a post from 2004?

    Just that bored?
  5. eric

    eric Slow Eric

    I dunno, it's pretty fucking immature.
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  6. Says the "Grand-Master."
  7. eric

    eric Slow Eric

    Jimmy, do you like my stoppie? Mad skilz yo.
  8. Stoppie? I thought you were riding over a speed-bump.
  9. Invisible speed bump!

    I am following in the footsteps of the grandmaster :ninja: by resurrecting old useless threads.
  10. eric

    eric Slow Eric

    Nope, I did 19 stoppies and that was my highest one.
  11. My cat is trying to squish between me and the laptop. It isn't working out very well. I may have roasted cat for turkey day this year.'ll bring a new meaning to Caturday.
  12. You idiot!

    Don't you know that the 20th one would've been your best of all?
  13. OOk

    OOk beansbaxter is too lazy to come up with something

    On a scale of 1 to 20 I rate the resurrection of this thread: gheyteen.
  14. Motorcycle man

    Motorcycle man Telemark Rider

    Swet, so we are bumping old threads again then?
  15. [​IMG]

    Holy thread resurrection, Batman!