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  1. This is in reference to this thread I started:

    I would like to share my experience with this company that I choose. I decided to go with

    When I did the online quote it was $650 door to door service. This was the best price I was finding for actual motorcycle shipping companies. On average others were $700-800. UShip was the cheapest that I found, but if anyone is familiar with them you know how that goes. People bid on your shipment. I only received one bid and it was from someone who just created an account. The bid was for $238. I did try to contact the bidder, but no dice. So I didn't trust that.

    Anyways I contacted Haul Bikes and I talked to a woman named Chris and informed her what I wanted and where the bike was located and where I'm located. She told me they are having a special right now and it's $100 off so the price will be $550 door to door. I say "Sign me up then". Process is real easy. She sends you an email with a contract to fill out and a few pages for you to read about the process of the shipping, which is very simple. There is no hidden fee's, or small print, or nothing these people are hiding. It is all self explanatory and very stress free. So boom, Paper work filled out(15 minutes), faxed over, call them 5 minutes later, Chris says she's got, she tells me they will pick the bike up between March 6-9th. I filled the paperwork and faxed it on March 4th! They tell me it can take up to 3 weeks to get the bike to me.

    Bike is picked up on March 8th at the shop in Olympia, WA. No problems and all went smooth. Strapped down and on it's way to Wisconsin to there central wearhouse were it will be dowloaded and picked up by another truck to be delivered to me in Missouri. Now this whole time Chris and the truck driver always keep me updated by either phone or email. And the whole time very professional and nice people.

    So on March 18th I get a phone call from the driver and he says "hey I'll be in your area March 20th to drop off bike". I'm like "No shit, wow that was quicker then I thought". So cool! Well since I live on a Military base I didn't want the Driver and myself to have to go through a big hassle of getting him on base so I tell him to just meet me at a Wal-Mart in town and he says "No problem, just say the time and I'll be there".

    So today he had no problems finding the Wal-Mart and was on time.

    I snapped some pictures to show and I know everyone likes photos. The guy was super cool. Chatted it up a bit. Was prior military (Navy), lives on the road, literally in his truck and doesn't have a home. Said he keeps his bike stored in Missouri and a P.O Box out of Missouri. Also he said that in order for anyone to work for Haul Bikes they have to be a active rider.

    The truck

    Two levels

    How it was loaded in. I was the 3rd to be unloaded on his trip.

    He showed me the 2nd level

    Well I hope this was some what informative for anyone and I would definitely recommend this company for hauling bikes.
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  2. Man, that looks and sounds like a great experience. Thanks for sharing and for the pics.
    If I ever need to ship one I'll contact them first.
    I looked into shipping the red bike from Seattle to Tucson using uship or something similar and got a ton of spam, huge quotes (or way low including a guy that wanted to take it in his pickup for 300) and ended up bringing it myself.

  3. Excellent job with your review. Informative and good info. REP
  4. Same here with Uship. Seem like every 5 minutes I would get an email saying "hey do this to your account so you can get more bids and blah blah blah" And then the spam crap!

    Coolest part about this company is that in order to work for them is that you have to be an Active RIDER.
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  5. I kept waiting for the part where it all went wrong. Great review and if I ever need my bike shipped, they will be the first call I make.
  6. That's so cool to actually hear about a company that still has good customer service. Glad to hear the bike made it to you safe and sound Jimmy.
  7. How the heck did they get that busa in there sideways:scratchea
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  8. There was almost a foot for the busa to back to the wall. Enough to manuver it.
  9. O ok... Does he get paid by the hour? If he does then it wouldn't be such a big deal for him to perform the 17 point turn to get it in.
    Seems crazy that they can make a profit driving that huge rig around to do personal drop-offs wherever the customer wants. Way cool though!
    What is it about motorcycles that make everyone instant friends when we meet eachother?
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  10. Idk if he gets payed by the hour. I doubt since he chatted with me for a bit. He didnt load the bikes. All the bikes were loaded up from there central wear house in Wisconsin. He just arrives at the wear house to pick up the trailer when it's loaded and off he goes to off load the bikes. The bikes are loaded by how they will be delivered. So whatever bike that will be delivered first it's going to be loaded last at the wear house.
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  11. Great review, good to know. You're saving us some time wastin'.
  12. Yeah I did have a very good experience with this company, but I did see that in my original thread that another guy said that he actually ended up paying $100 more then what he was quoted online when he went with Haul Bikes. So I'd like to hear about that one.
  13. That was probably me.

    I have to chime in because I just received my Triple from Iowa via Haulbikes exactly a week ago March 13th. Their web site quoted me around $650, but when I called the actual price was around $740 due to current fuel rates and resident to resident shipping. (no $100 discount for me :rant) I thought the price was reasonable (I had quotes upwards of $1500 :tard:) and they came highly recommended from Empire Cycle here in Spokane. Apparently they use them as well. The bike was picked up Feb. 2nd and sent to their facility in Wisconsin. I was told to expect to wait about a week and a half before it would ship out. Unfortunately, it did not ship out on the first shipment due to previous deliveries ahead of me. So it sat there for about another week and half. It took a little over a month from pickup to final delivery. Throughout the whole process I was impressed by their professionalism. I spoke with Shelly several times. They gave me several updates and the driver (Roger) called me several times while he was en route to Spokane. The driver said he would be here between 10-11am but he was actually about an hour early. By the time I met the driver he had the bike unloaded and all paper work ready to sign. I was impressed with the paper work. The condition of the bike was well documented. All in all I was very happy with Haulbikes although waiting nearly a month and a half was making me anxious. I would use them again and recommend them to anyone looking to ship a bike.
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  14. Dang that's crazy that the price was that much of a difference in a matter of a few weeks time. It seems that I just lucked out with my timing of events then. I definitely did not expect to be receiving my bike in 12 days that is for sure.

    Edit: Did you have yours crated? Is that why it was a little more? Because I know Haul Bikes offers that too.
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  15. As far as I know my bike was not crated. I never asked for it nor was it ever offered. 12 days is a fast turn around time. Waiting a month and a half wasn't too bad as the weather was too cold to ride anyways.
  16. Great review! Green square for you
  17. I have used Haulbikes as well. I bought my Royal Enfield Cafe racer on Ebay back in November from a guy in Upstate New York, I got a quote from Ebay for Haulbikes for $622 to ship it from there to Seattle, They are a Ebay preferred shipper, so I called them. They said that were running a special for I believe $150 off and that is how I got the $622 price. I was cool with that so I agreed and got the forms filled them out and waited.... The drivers were very professional and the bike was delivered in perfect shape. My only issue with the company is that I didn't get my bike until the middle of January. It took 3 weeks for them to pick it up from the seller. then it went and sat foe a week in their warehouse and another 2 weeks to get it to me.
    Be careful when buying from Ebay and using them. Ebay only gives you 30 days to file a claim if the bike isn't what was described and that had ran out before my bike had left their warehouse. Lucky for me the seller was an awesome, stand up guy who provided me with lots of pictures and when it got here it was exactly what he described.
    I definitely would not use Haulbikes again, based solely on how long it took me to get my bike. If I had gone with a different shipper and paid just $160 more I would have had it in less then 2 weeks.

  18. Yeah I understand the claim part with the 30 days. Sucks it took so long. Maybe those snow storms that hit around the states this winter derailed your shipment? Haul Bikes does have that Insurance for you at no extra charge. I beleive they cover up to $15,000, no deductible, no extra charge.
  19. No snowstorm delay's, they said they just weren't going to have a truck going through the area. needed to fill the truck before they would send it out. Which I totally understand, they have to make money to stay in business. I just think if they are going to be an E-bay "Preferred" shipper" they should stay in the guidelines E-bay requires the buyer/seller to stay in.
    Haulbikes provided insurance isn't going to protect you if the seller stripped parts off the bike, or if the motor is blown up and it won't run. It just protects you if the bike, when you receive it, is not what it looked like when they picked it up.
  20. Hey JimmyRay, thanks so much for the great review! It was our pleasure to work with you. We hope you'll keep us in mind if you or any other members need motorcycle shipping in the future.

    Ride on!
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