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headlight problem

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by SoarTWD, May 3, 2005.

  1. just wondering if anybody had an answer to this problem.

    I've got a '95 CBR F3, one night I start my bike, after a day of riding and stunting some (mostly just wheelies) I notice that my headlight isn't working anymore. I check the bulb, it's fine. Next I check the fuses, all fine. all my other lights work, no other problems other than my headlight won't come on anymore. I took it to my mechanic and he briefly looked at it and couldn't figure out the problem. I'm planning on getting it back to him soon, but i was wondering if anyone had experienced anything like this before or could shed some light on the subject
  2. Do you have any other mods done to the bike or any NON-STOCK wiring done? (i.e. blinkers, taillight, etc.) If so, check for loose wires that may be grounding out. That's where I'd start before paying a mechanic. Good luck.

  3. Check the plug on the light itself.My budys 929 did the same thing.
  4. jabstar17

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    check your wiring, coming down from wheelies can jar some stuff loose.
  5. thanks guy's, I'm pretty sure that i did just jogg something loose but I haven't been able to locate it yet. Would it be too much of a hassle to just rewire it myself, put on a kill switch, maybe some underglo? one of my friends is all about customizing his TL, I'm sure he could help me get started.
  6. Funny little thing to check--- sometimes the playing can damage certain types of headlight relays. Only some are plasic-filled, so that might be a source of injury. If your over on this side of the state, I might have some time to check it out. Done a TON of electrical work on John Q bizzletons bike lately (wheelie lights, blinker & place relocation, LED taillight mod, custom racetail for $0), might have some ideas.

  7. that would be cool, I'm down in Pullman all summer so I'll see what i can do.
  8. YOu could tape a flash light to your front fender. :)
    What about following the head light wire to the power sorce look for places that could of been cripned from a hard landing.
    If that don't work go with the flash light.
  9. I've found that using a mag-lite works best
  10. I have a '94 CBR 600F2 and my low beam still works but my high beam doesn't.
  11. Have you tried changing out the bulb?
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    Dude, your headlight doesn't work cause you hit a deer!

  13. My F2 and F3 have done the same at one time.Once it was the high low switch once it was the start switch. First check the bulb with a ohm meter or with a batt charger. It sucks to tear a bike apart only after hours of swearing to find the bulb looks good but the guts are broken. My f2 the contacts in the switch had arched enough from the jolts from landings(a quick pass with a nail file took care of that) and my F3 the wire at the start switch broke.
    this will save some time.

    Power to the headlight starts at the battery. Goes to the ignition key switch, then to the fuse block, then over to the Start switch. From the start switch over to the dimmer switch and on to the headlight. When the start switch is pressed, it opens the circuit to the headlight while it applies power to the starter. The starter needs all the power it can to start the bike, which is why the headlight turns off when you start it. Once you let go of the start button, the headlight turns back on. On one occasion I had the solder connection brake loose inside the starter button on the right hand grip. If the headlight doesn''t work at all, naturally check the fuses under the cover on the right upper cowl. If they''re good, then you have to start following the power to see where it''s getting lost.
  14. Hey, MY headlights don't work right because I hit a deer... but right now I'm waiting for the glue to dry so I can put the repaired headlights back onto my bike. Hopefully.
  15. If for any reason people are having this issue, it happened to me last night, and I figured it out. You have to pull your starter/kill switch apart and resolder the headlight connecting wire. It's apparently really common on Honda sportbikes. PM me for pics if you need em.
  16. this happened to me tonight.... can't figure it out.... any help would be massively rep'd!
  17. Haha.. The guy obviously has the best idea. Flash light and tape! Seriously though check your wiring I'm sure something just got loose.