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Heckmann and Thiemann

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by orng99r6, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. So my last post about my bikes small issue isn't much as an issue as my car breaking down tonight. It happened on my way to my wife's ultrasound over in SE. It just so happened where I pulled in was a mechanic shop. So instead of paying for a tow I left it there. Not sure if it will still be in one piece in the morning, considering the area..... I want to know if anyone has experience with the shop in the title Heckmann and Thiemann Motors?
  2. They have a great rep among the Porsche/Audi crowd.

  3. Heckmann and Thiemann is one of the best indy Porsche shops in Portland - they've been around forever. :)
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  5. 58

    58 Staff Member

    Used to take my truck in there all the time. The downside was that if it was not a stock engine they declined to work on it, for obvious reasons. They didn't like the fact my truck has dual carbs but still solved every other issue I had and were extremely reasonable in their rates. Their experience is far above anything any other shop I know of has for their specialty...and I know a lot of specialty shops in Portland
  6. Aprilia

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    Big thumbs up! They do great work on Porsches and are incredibly honest (and blunt). Another shop I'd check out is Marque Motors on SW Macadam. My dad swears by them (and he's owned a number of Porsches). Audi: Matrix Integrated. Ask for Jeremy and tell him Sax said 'Hello'... ;)
  7. Well I don't have an Audi or Porsche. I was doing it for convenience and they couldn't help me. Got the car home now. Trying to figure the problem, pretty sure it's a fuel pump. Which ain't easy on a f-body Camaro. Lol