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Hello. Nice website here, cool that WSU has a specific group

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by Lia, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. Hi, I'm Lia. New to riding around Pullman. Looking forward to spending the summer here on my bike, going to school and working. Maybe an impossible dream, we'll see.

    I have a question... I have to take the Safety Course. I am planning on taking the one in Lewiston...any other options that y'all know of for doing it closer to Pullman and preferably cheap?
  2. Spokane, westside motorsports 509-747-1862 you might want to call asap to get in

  3. I think lewiston is your best bet money wise-Idaho's programs are quite a bit cheaper
  4. Welcome to the site Lia, glad to have ya.

    I personally did the one in Lewiston. I dont know much about the Westside one, but get into one of them super quick as they do fill up very fast!

    If your taking the safety course, count on it lasting 2 days so maybe the Lewiston one would be more conveinent for driving. It's a great class though, classroom instruction and time on the bike, and when your done just take the paper into DOL and get your endorsement. And best thing is they provide the motos so no need to worry about damaging your own ride.

    I did the Experienced Safety Course down in Lewiston, which is cheaper since you take your own bike and its a one day course. I highly recommend it no matter how long you have been riding, as you will always walk away learning something new.
  5. Just a point of order --

    The Westside courses are full through june, might behoove you to take it in lewis-town

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    yeah, i was gonna say, i called a week after they started taking reservations for the exp class and the beginners class was booked for 2 months already.
  7. Wow you really are slow... over two years slow damn lol
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    I think BN is the slow one.. crackup:
  10. seems like those who keep posting the welcomes are the slow ones.
  11. Welcome! You can check MSF course schedules and see what's available from the WA DOL web site:

    They have links to most of the schools.

    :secret: (I understand that Daniel pretty much *had* to set up a special group section for WSU... too many people from that area were getting confused by the big words in the other forums!) :evil4:
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    This is downright entertaining! No-one is checking the original post date...just posting their "Hello" blindly!

    Still, it is good to know we're such a friendly and helpful bunch, even if not the most observant...
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    so did lia ever take the msf?
  16. Two years later the world may never know...