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Hello PNW Riders

Discussion in 'New Users' started by Bejj, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Just wanna say wassup to all the PNW Riders, looking forward to the rides and meets. I followed a couple good buddies to this site, shout out to Grankor and Mmack.[​IMG]


  2. you and Grankor went and got the hummer pic nice bike and welcome
  3. welcome: To the madness. This place is always good for a laugh.

    That bike looks familiar, have you had it long?
  4. Thanks guys. Yar Grank and I had an adventure to find that H1. I've had this bike about 2 months or so, traded my beginner 91 zx6 for it.
  5. Find it on craigslist?
    That might be where I saw it?:scratchea
    I was looking for a sport tourer at the time.

    It was hard to see in the C.List pic what it looked like.
    How's ride?
  6. Welcome to the Asylum. Great people here.

    P.S. Don't feed the lunatics
  7. Yeah it was on CL. It rides great, just a few wear and tear things i've been taking care of from the previous owners but it's getting to be a good reliable murdercycle.
  8. Welcome.Plenty of bike nights in tacoma.
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