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Discussion in 'Westside' started by beansbaxter, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. Dang it's dead in here. Especially with all the bikes I see parked around the Seattle UW campus.
  2. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    huskies too good for this place??

  3. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    probably just don't know yet. need to head out there for a few weeks and flyer some more. JR, i printed up some flyers, remind me to get you some next time i see you. they're pretty simple, but they're something.
  4. Has it picked up much since this last posting?

    I got a flyer on my bike (A block from UW) about 2 weeks ago and hope others will too...

    Anyway, just curious.

    By the way, Beansbaxter, are you IN seattle? your location says spokane?
  5. I currently reside in Spokane. Weather and time dependant, I expect to be in Seattle for a couple days ever other week. Anywhere two wheels will take me at least.

    Not much motivation at the moment to head over there since Jafar needs new tires for his motorcycle ugggggg
  6. Cool...

    but wha't holdin' him up?
  7. New here. Wanted to post in here to say "here is another Husky". I'm a little older though. Graduated in 99. Not around the campus much any more. I do miss it this time of year though. Pleny of beautiful babies around.
    The only time I am around there now is during the football season. Yeah, they are weak right now, but I am a diehard tailgater. I go every game (not quite into the game every time :D ). Been a season ticket holder for a few years now. :eek:ccasion:
  8. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    was just over in campus the other day (cuz beans doesn't know his way around so i had to lead him somewhere) and all the "sights" i saw made me miss college...
  9. One of my riding buddies has to go to the U District a couple times a month for work. He rubs it in every time he goes.
  10. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    i'd be rubbing it in, too... :jerkit:
  11. Welcome Silverdawg! I work in the U district, and am there almost everyday. IT IS A BEAUTIFUL THING in the SPRING-- if you know what I mean!

    I'm actually just a bit older than you (Graduated from UW in '96)... I ride an FZ1, but am actually thinking about selling and getting an Aprilia Mille... Just test-rode one (Today)! Awesome! :thumblef:
  12. Sounds like I'll have to make time in my schedule to drop by UW and pass out a backpack full of flyers or something.
  13. Certainly not a bad idea Skier. June is the best time on campus.
    The new guy KCAnder is the one I was talking about that works in the area sometimes.
  14. I hope all of this childish behavior isn't because there's ladies present. Because I will admit it myself, especially after my weekend in Seattle, especially Belltown, and spending time with my friends, half of which went to UW... THE CHICKS ARE HOT!!! and when it gets to be 90 degrees outside.... OUCH!!! I think I'm going to write a thank you letter to Abercrombie for inventing the "4 inch top to bottom skirts".

    Anyhow... if you boys want some eye candy who love to ride bitch seat when we're out there, let me know... :mrgreen: I just recently moved out of Freemont and now have property on Queen Anne and in Bellevue... so I have my girls out there in the 206 and 425 area codes. xoxox

  15. Schweet! all eye-candy is appreciated... (juvenille minds, like mine, need something to keep them motivated... )

    Yeah, Belltown is GREAT... I personally enjoy hanging at the Queen City Grill.
  16. 1st & Blanchard baby! I was the Chef at Mistral... just about a half block east on Blanchard, next to Zoe and across from La Fontana. Those guys are still ike my family and I'm there everytime I go back to Seattle. Which I will be doing next weekend.
  17. Cool! How long were you a chef there? That area has changed since I was younger... but I think in a good way. I've not eaten at Mistral, but have at La Fontana and Queen City Grill... and a bunch of places-- usually pretty good food. Were you around when there use to be a Casa U Betcha on First Ave? (I'm totally dating myself now! :oops: )
  18. No sorry, I haven't even heard of that. You're lucky. Hint of advice, if you're going to tgo to Mistral, reservations only, and it's about $200 per person, so I only refer my friends to go there, since I've left, if someone else is paying. :lol:
  19. Hmmm... I use to live in Washington DC, and it reminds me of this restaurant called Goldoni... It was rated among the top 13 restaurants in the US (They've since moved on to become known as Teatro Goldoni which is a scaled down version I think... and less pricey.)... literally everyone that "was someone" had been there... and had their picture up on Goldoni's VIP wall. (Which had people like presidents from like every country that came to the US, and of course all the celebs you'd expect arm-in-arm with the owner Fabrizio). He is an amazing chef... and always had some attitude, but nice guy.

    Anyway, I use to hang with some of the staff and use to eat (when I was with the staff, of course, since it came down to about $300/person...but pretty much free when we would stop by before going out... Amazing italian food... But damn pricey!)

    I'll have to save my pennies and check out Mistral!
  20. Let me know if you ever want to go, and I'll make sure they "take care of you". 8)