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HELP! Going Crazy Deciding on New Motorcycle...

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Sam Fisher, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. Hey guys!

    It has taken me a while, but I can finally admit that I'm driving myself crazy trying to find my next motorcycle and wanted to see if anyone could weigh in on narrowing it down.

    I started riding a little over two years ago on a CBR250R and spent about 5 months with the bike before parting ways for a 2007 Ninja 650R. I have been riding this bike since then but recently sold it as it was losing the excitement that it once had :/

    I have gone back and forth a hundred times and cannot figure out what I want now. I do about 60% of my riding as short commutes on the freeway and the rest is for enjoyment around the city. I primarily would like a bike that has a little bit more in it but maintains the sport or naked style and feel. I have been back and forth between the FZ-09 (kind of a dream bike in a way), ZX6R, R6, FZ1, SV1000s, FZ-07, and even a DRZ400SM with no clarity of mind.

    I am looking to spend no more than $6,000 or so on a new bike and have found a few viable options for most bikes without too much issue.

    Any and all advice and help would be more than appreciated as I am driving myself crazy. Thanks!
  2. For the style you like and the riding you're doing the FZ 07 or 09 are going to be the most comfortable by far also will fit your styling requirement. Sport bikes like the R6 aren't much fun around town. They're not geared for low speed and the rider and steering geometry make it more difficult to maneuver at low speed along with not being as comfortable. The DRZ would be cool too if you enjoy that style of bike.

  3. If you aren't doing track days just get the FZ-09.

    You say it's kinda your dream bike so go for it. A lively bike with good reliability and you can definitely get a good deal on one.
  4. I bet 6k would buy this
    Never ending fun and a do it all kinda bike with lots of room to grow.