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Help locating indian reservation firework store?

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by dcamgixxer, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. So i live in portland and was trying to locate a firework shop/store in washington close by me or atleast closer than tacoma...

    Does anyone know of any? Could you please post up a number or location or link or something...
    Preferably indian reservation because they have the good stuff you cant get just anywhere.. thanks!

    (yes i will be using these in wa)

    I heard theres something around camas and longview. any help would be much appreciated..
  2. google maps. :mrgreen:

  3. great advise moses, thanks.. but then again if i asked for a stand you would say just put the bike on the side..

    i already tried google and google maps... im not willing to drive 2 hours on a hunch that it will be there and have what i want..
  4. i know where you could find a stand! go into your garage and look at your bike! :thefinge:

    there's a stand every year by my house off 162nd and halsey right at the intersection. not sure when they'll set up though. but just drive around. good luck on finding one!

    try craigslist too! i've seen fireworks for sale on there before! :nana
  5. now boys,
    goggle is your friend. try it

    you go up to Washington. fallow signs for highway 12/ Aberdeen. go west approx. 10 miles take a left on Anderson road. go a few miles and you will run into about 90 fireworks stands at the reservation.

  6. Rippn

    Rippn Human Race Qualifier<br>FREE and clean

    walk around smoking, till someone puts an arrow in ya... your "close"...
    FREE and clean, Ripp'n
  7. Blackjacks. It's like 5-10mi past the border and they have everything.
  8. So i go I5 north to Hwy12W and left on anderson and eventually i will run into a res?

    yeah i already tried that but im not trying to go to those weak ass stands, i want a reservation or directions to one

    that site sucks! it doesnt show anything but city names

    you funny rippn!

    Blackjacks aint got no good stuff im lookin for, you can only find it at the reservations from what i hear...
  9. head north on I-5 take exit 88b head west 10 miles turn left on anderson go a half a block on the right
  10. awesome thank you! thats what a few others told me.
  11. same place as that link i provided :thefinge::nana
  12. The Church I pastor, (Until July 1st that is ...) runs the stand at the Vancouver Mall location. We sell everything that is legal in WA including mortors and roman candles yadda yadda... Also everything is 25% off until July 2nd. Not to mention the money we raise does great things like supply scholarships for kids to go to camps, help with homeless shelters, and other stuff that does good for the people of Vancouver. If you are gonna spend the $ in WA come to the Van Mall location - at least your money will do some good and make a difference for some people who could use it!
  13. i will stop by and buy a few things there as well thanks!^^^
  14. Mic

    Mic Retired

    For years, I have purchased from one located right here:

    It's outside of Lyle on Canyon Road.

    I haven't been up there in a few years, so not sure if it is still there, but yah, right there in the middle of nowhere. Always thought it was a strange place.
  15. "I just like snakes and sparklers" :crackup:

    Oh and about $1,200 worth of "the good stuff" this year! Went straight to the source and walked out (or will be picking up) with about twice as much for the same we spent last year!