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HELP! need motorcycle towing will pay

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by 87112, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. I dropped my bike leaving the garage. Will pay for a tow from Seattle ( Beacon Hill ) to Issaquah I 90 Motorsports. How about 60 dollars plus I pay for gas.
    206 963 8807 please text or call
    Not working today.
  2. A U-Haul should cost you well under $60 for a couple of hours of use.

    Just a suggestion. I'd help you out but I'm in Bremerton and it's over $60 for my truck and trailer on the ferry one way.

  3. I was suggested Lowside by my insurance. They're based in Seattle. It didn't workout for me as I'm across the water but may work for you.

    1752 Northwest Market Street #734, Seattle, WA 98107
    (206) 696-1849
  4. Uhaul is $20+.80 a mile. Just DONT tell them you're moving a bike in their van/truck. They are picky about it "possibly leaking and causing a hazard" inside their trucks. I was going to use them to move my bike from SUB back down here to Vancouver, just not cost effective. Then again their pick up is $20+.80 a mile and a motorcycle trailer from them is another $14.95?
  5. Got it worked out from a member here. Good to hear PNW people willing to help others bike. I'm not experienced running a bike up a ramp so fear of dropping it.
  6. If things fall through and you still need help, PM me, but I can't help until Saturday.
  7. Easiest thing to do is get AAA plus...$125/yr...covers bikes/RV's, and will tow 100 miles no charge. Plus, you get AAA for any vehicle... I use them all the time to move vehicles I can't drive myself... like when I needed to get my car to the body shop, it drove fine but I was solo that I called them, had them tow my car, and I followed in my other car. Simple. :)
  8. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    You can also get it added to your insurance policy, in some cases.
  9. If you are, or become a member of the American Motorcyclists Association, and opt for automatic renewal of the annual $49 membership fee, AMA Roadside Assistance is provided.

    AMA Roadside Assistance covers all of the vehicles in your household including motorcycles, cars, trucks, RVs and trailers. All family members living in your household are covered. Towing services include up to 35 miles to the nearest qualified service facility or to any other location of equal distance at no expense.

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  10. +1 on the AMA. This is my 10th year in.
  11. Well I 90 motorsports did not work out. 1507.00 bucks repair bill.
    Seattle Used Bikes roughly half to do the same thing with OEM Yamaha parts too.
    Note to self which service place I will go to forever.
  12. I have used SUB for a while...they're great. (Especially on vintage bikes). What did you need fixing that would cost $1500?
  13. I don't want to be too negative on a company publicly. I will just leave it at well never going back unless its just to buy a bike.
  14. Oh that's fine...I just was more curious about what kind of damage you did dropping your bike...more cosmetic or mechanical?
  15. Cosmetic, scratches on my car is fine and zero problem but my bike-^%$# hard to live with.
  16. Amen
  17. They probably priced for new parts AND they have a flat shop rate. It is expensive to fix bikes unless you do it yourself, find a shop that will repair a broken part instead of replacing it or replace it with a 'used' one. $1500 is not much for 'Dealer' work.
    I would not hold it against them just because you could not get it done as cheap as you wanted. They have overhead and 'damaged' stuff takes time. You HAVE to have a flat rate for hours worked or you loose money.
    I remember when Downtown HD quit working on 'older' HD's. Really pissed off the people that bought crappy new bikes that kept HD afloat. It just did not make business sense to work on them though. Too many problems.
  18. Just a heads up. Fixing cosmetic and minor things yourself is very easy and much cheaper. I dropped my R6 and the shop quoted me at about $3600. I bought a used Fairing and clip on and did all of the work myself. They put every screw, bolt and part that could possibly have been affected by the fall, whether they were or not.

    Note. It wasn't one of the shops mentioned.

    But yeah, hit up ebay for the parts and you can find great deals for OEM parts that are from people replacing them or form a bike being totaled and they're selling off the non damaged bits.
  19. It's more liability insurance issues than leaking of fluids.

    Since that moron blew up part of the Murrah building in Oklahoma, transporting flammable material inside rental trucks voids the insurance. Given that the average replacement cost for one of those trucks is ~$40,000, do you blame them for not wanting their insurance voided?

    If you use a UHaul to tow with, get one of their Pickups (19.95 +$0.59-$0.99 per mile and gas), and the ramp trailer (cheaper than the motorcycle trailer). You will be happier as the trailer is built to carry bikes and its easier to roll the bike into and they will be happy that you didn't risk them loosing their insurance.
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