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Hey from Renton

Discussion in 'New Users' started by Floon, May 27, 2017.

  1. Hey, my name's Harry, and I moved back to the area about a year and a half ago, and started riding again. Got a Triumph Thruxton R from I90 Motorsports last summer, and it's awesome.

    Just wanted to join the forums, to see about local rides, and generally get good information about the riding scene here.

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  2. Welcome! I'm just down the hill from ya on 900
    Anytime you want to ride let me know
  3. I'm new too, rode a 250r for about six years and made the jump to a 650 but my riding buddy (my big brother) moved - I'm looking for riding buddies to stay safer getting oriented with my 650.
    I'm game for after traffic any day round 6-7ish or weekends! I'm in Bellevue Bridle Trails.
  4. I'm also in Renton, but don't post much over here. You should all come out to Backfire tomorrow night.
  5. Details? Whats at Backfire?
  6. It's a big bike night in Ballard. hundreds of bikes around 3-4 blocks. Lots of old / odd / custom stuff and intersting characters. There are a couple bars, including Lagunitas brewery, and food trucks.
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  7. I'll be honest, I'd go but I've only gotten two rides solo on the 650 and my luck I'd drop it right there trying to park it lol I need rides and build up some muscles.

    Guess that would be the best place to drop it. I have no pride about dropping its why I got a nice USED bike I know I'll drop it.
  8. Happens to everybody. Mine still has some scratches from tipping over in a windstorm a few years back. I still have my old beat up jacket from low-siding in a corner my second season.
  9. I'm trying to get together some Renton area riders to go up tomorrow. You're welcome to join.
  10. Hi, I'm up in Duvall. Just became a member on this site. Only found out about it last week. I'm in the process of getting a new bike, and would be up for meeting some new riders in the area.
  11. What's up everyone, Jake from Kent here so not too far from Renton. I moved to the area earlier this year. If anyone is up for weekend rides feel free to email me at:

    Since the weather has improved I've gotten out to some great roads (Hwy20, 2 410, 12, smaller roads I can't remember names of). I bought a new bike last year so my rides have been more instructional then leisure. Trying to work on various riding techniques and learn the roads here. Pic of my bebe for your time...

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