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HID in a motorcycle: Bi Xenon

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by beansbaxter, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. I'm sure most everyone that has been into the street import car scene knows the expensive but better HID lights out there, but has anyone ever considered spending the money and time (to modify the bike) to do it to their moto? Here is a ZX-12R which was able to do a complete HID setup:

    Euro Spec Hella Bi-Xenon HID projectors
    Phillips D2S 4300K bulbs
    Hella Ballasts




  2. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    hah! that totally makes it look more like a happy face...

  3. I have a parts source in georgia that has some great headlights that can be modded into any application, can make that look happen pretty easily. HID is just a matter of changing the harness to meet the power and ignition requirements of the HID setup (there are no filaments, it has to strike a spark across a gap to be that bright). If anyone is interested, you know where to find me....

  4. Hey Eric...I heard there is some sort of control box err something that also has to be mounted, where do you recommend mounting that at?

    I guess in cars there is ample room under the hood, and with as tight in space as bikes have been getting these days, a lot of riders havent found a reasonable solution to mounting all the hardware. I dunno though...everything I've heard is hearsay. Maybe you have some experience or knowledge regarding that though??
  5. 100% bike dependent daniel. Your bike might have enough room in the cowling near the headlight assy, possibly put it under the seat, all depends on where you can find room and which unit you get. Some are smaller than others, but Im sure we can find a solution for any kit you end up with.

  6. We have them at Car Toys if you want to see the kits swing by the Spokane Valley and I'll show you them.Just rember they law has banned them or some trash like that.+
  7. If you want it to be a touch more custom, there are a couple different bezel types I can set you up with (4" round from georgia, some different shapes that will need retrofitting, or the small 2" projector style) if you dont want to just change bulbs inside the headlight you have. Would still use the kits paulie is talkin about though, these parts are in addition to the kit.