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High quality Riding and Race Gear -- NE Portland

Discussion in 'Gear, Parts, & Accessories' started by liquidstoke, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. I am selling my motorcycles and along with that, all my riding gear. I was a serious street and track rider and have only purchased high quality gear for protection and also for the NW Fall/Spring weather conditions.

    The items for sale are listed below-- most items are brand new and priced to sell:

    *$30 Endurance Large Motorcycle Tank-top Cargo Bag, Large. Lightly used. Magnetic+buckle attachments. Carry strap included
    *$45 Fieldsheer Motorcycle Saddle bags. Brand new. Universal fit
    *$45 BMW windproof riding jacket, Medium -- brand new
    *$35 Teknic Motorcylce Rain Shell. Medium -- brand new, unopened
    *$25 Teknic Motorcycle Rain Shell. Medium -- used once
    *$80 Frank Thomas- Textile Winter+Ballistic+Armor Riding Jacket. Medium Vents in Arms and Back. Removable vest
    *$125 Frank Thomra - Textile Winter Riding Pants. Insulated. Armored Knees. Brand new
    *$900 AGV Motorcycle Race Leather - Medium (42) (purchased for $1400). Used ONCE. No crashes. Nearly new. Vents
    *$100 SIDI Motorcycle Race Boots- Cobra Air. Size 7.5US. Used 3 times on track. No crashes.
    *$100 Cycle Gear Mesh Body Armor jacket. MUST HAVE summer riding. Brand new.
    *135 First Gear LADY'S MEDIUM Contour Mesh Jacket with removable insulation vest. Ideal for Summer thru Fall riding. Brand new.
    *$145 Yoshimura Leather Riding Jacket. Removable insulation vest. Armored elbows, shoulder and upper back.
    *$100 Tru-Spec Ballistic Textile Riding Pants. Cargo pockets. Size 32. Not armored
    *$100 Power-Trip Textile Motorcycle Jacket. Insulation. Armored elbows, shoulder, back.
    *$125 Fox Motorcycle Racing -- full Spinal Back Protector. Used once.
    *$140 Teknic Motorcycle Racing -- Full Spinal Back Protector. Brand new.

    ALL PICTURES at my craigslist ad here: IMG_3080.jpg IMG_3083.jpg IMG_3093.jpg IMG_3103.jpg IMG_3115.jpg IMG_3117.jpg IMG_3119.jpg IMG_3120.jpg IMG_3134.jpg