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Highway 47 from 26 to Clatskanie

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by TallGuyNW, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. Hey all,
    I need to head over to Clatskanie from NW Portland in a couple weeks, and looking at google maps, I could take 26 out to 47, then north to Clatskanie. Looks like 47 might be more fun that just taking 30 the whole way. I've never been on 47 north of 26 before (by bike or car). Being a pretty green rider, is 47 a decent-enough road, or is it potholed and full of illegal gravel?
  2. It's not bad at all. Until you get to Mist. What used to be a fabulous, wonderful, awesome stretch of road - known as the Spine of the Dragon - has gone to shit. It's in very bad shape - I don't even go there anymore. I suppose if you just take it real easy it's not that bad, it's just not a destination road anymore.

  3. Friction Addiction

    Friction Addiction Power Tripping Moderator Deluxe Staff Member

    A little bumpy in spots, but generally this time of year it's good and clear. :thumbup:

    Excellent road and personal fave!
  4. If your in NW ptown you should just take 30 to scappoose vernonia to get to 47 it would be quicker and more fun than 26 if your looking to avoid hwys.
  5. +1
    You could avoid even more slab by taking Burnside to Skyline and down one of the many roads that go to 30 for a short ride to 47 at the end of Scappose.
    And if you have Ohlins that section of 47 isn't too bumpy. :)
  6. +1

    It was a good road 4-5 years ago.
  7. That does look like a lot more fun... Looking forward to the ride now!
    Thanks everyone!
  8. I'd recommend Apiary Road from Hwy. 47 to Hwy 30. It's a great curvy road I take when going that way. :secret:
  9. One of the locals in Birkenfeld said they chipsealed a bunch of apiary recently. :angry7:

    The north section of 47 is definitely rough but if you can deal.with that its still a blast!
  10. I just went through the Northern part of 47 on Saturday. No gravel or debris anywhere in sight. There were a few spots where the road was a bit beat up, but nothing too bad if you keep your pace moderate.

    If I were you I would take 30 to Scapoose/Vernonia to 47 up to your destination. How you get to 30 would be your preference (some like to take Skyline and drop down on the road of their choice to 30). Anything to stay off 26 is always a plus.
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  11. skyline, rocky point, 30 to scapoose vernonia highway, right on 47 - smile a lot! :)
  12. WTF? What is WRONG with these assholes wasting taxpayer $$ on such nonsense! I rode Apiary a couple of months ago and it was in absolutely PERFECT shape.

    I'd like to find the SOB that approved such BS and kick him in the nuts-over and over again. Bastards!

  13. NO Apiary was chipsealed this summer it SUCKS now :devil:
  14. I recommend the same route, only skip Rocky Point and take McNamee down to 30. It's hardly any more slabbing on 30 (a couple of miles at most), but McNamee is so much better than Rocky Point and it takes you on a diagonal to 30. Just be careful of the right-hand switchback just before 30. It has taken down dozens of riders.
  15. Thanks again for the route suggestions, I appreciate it.
    I'll let you know how it went when I head out that way next week.
  16. So I did the ride yesterday afternoon, and picked up a photo tag along the way :mfclap:
    Scappoose/Vernonia Rd and 47 up to Clatskanie were some FUN roads! Definitely bumpy in places, but the curves on the downhill into Clatskanie were really fun. I can imagine how much more fun it'd be if they paved those roads, I had decent shocks, and more experience.
    And if you're reading this Clay... you'd be proud of me - no "oh shit" or SR moments.
  17. Shenannigans I say!!!

    Last Sunday we hit Apiary on the way home from Seaside, and it was damn fine; there was no loose gravel or anything. To be clear, we didn't take it all the way down, so yeah, we may have avoided any ugliness. From Apiary, we ended up turning onto Meissner Rd (a bit of twisty heaven by the way), and took that down to 30.
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