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Holy hell another new guy!

Discussion in 'New Users' started by greybird, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Always loved things that go fast, so about 2 months ago I sold my Volvo 244 Turbo project car and used that seed money to get a bike. Fast forward to today and I'm just over 2,000 miles on my bike.

    And what do I ride? A majestic 1983 Yamaha XZ550RK Vision, christened Aesir, with 29,000 miles on her. This is my first experience with a bike, so I'm learning as I go, and planning to perform any and all maintenance and upgrades myself.

    Here's some pictures of her:

  2. Congrats and welcome from another volvo fan (1998 V70R, 17psi :D )

    That is a sweet looking bike, never actually seen one before!

  3. That bike looks like a hoot..... :secret:
  4. Welcome and welcome to the zany zone :mfclap:

  5. [​IMG]
  6. welcome: Good luck riding and wrenching.
  7. Welcome to the madness.:evil4:
  8. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome, cool bike! I used to have an '82, it was a little slow, but fun.

  9. Bike looks great, welcome to the fun house. bwuahaha.
  10. thanks man, i've yet to see another one either. my first "grown-up" (read: financed) car was an 99 N/A V70. Loved that car, had the third row rear facing seat. Lot's of fun with stupid teenage friends.

    yeah it's lots of fun. A little quirky but very capable. When I first got it there was a bit of a stumble if I snapped the throttle open too quickly, so it really limited any stupid shenanigans on my behalf. I cleaned the carbs up a bit the other day, went to accelerate, and accidently popped a wheelie. :shock: Scared the shit out of me. These v twins have a ton of torque.

  11. Welcome to the Yamaha family and PNW. :smile:
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