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Holy S#@t Batman, The Sun's Out!

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by R1 Jackal, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. Awesome day for the locals! Came back into town mid-day, the sun was out and semi-warm.....time to ride! Put in a few hours on my favorite roads, enjoying the moment :mfclap:

    Saw a familar S1000RR heading out when I was returning to town, sorry dude, didn't have time to chat ~ was running out of fuel...D'Oh! :rant

    Other bikes were out, all over the place. Yahoo! :nana
  2. also went out and burned some gas , refilled and gave it a nice wipe wax befor putting it back away for the night :)
    only 2 bikes spotted 1 mid 80's honda cb 250? and a 70-90s suzuki i have no clue

    is winter gone yet?

  3. It was beautiful. Too bad the roads hadn't dried out a bit more, but still a great ride.
  4. I noticed that the bald eagles are on the river. I saw at least 30 including a pretty big one.

    I love the PNW!
  5. Yeah, there were some corners that were wet, cold and looking a little "is that black ice?!" :shock:
  6. Having given myself a mild scare on Tuesday, I was extra cautious today. Tires really do need to be warm to maintain traction. Who would have thought?