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How many of you ride with a camera?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Soul, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. I am thinking about getting a cam to mount on my bike..Might be kind of weird but I would love to video log all of my rides. How many of you ride with cams on your bike occasionally? What kind of camera do you use? What did it cost you? How/where do you have it mounted?

  2. I've got a HelmetCam.Com camera, I just picked up a Canon Elura70 camcorder and am in the process of fabbing some articulating camera mounts. I'll have mine set up and running mid-next week. Cost for everything ~$600.

    Let me know if you have any specific questions that I can help you sort out. I'm retiring my Sony Hi-8 camcorder and would be interested in selling if you get that far.

  3. Some people I know will simply bungee a camera onto a tankbag, others make/buy metal camera mounts that screw onto your gas cap. I personally have always wanted (but could never afford) the "lipstick" style camera's that you can mount anywhere (helmet/fairings) and then you just run the wires from it into a backpack you have on that contains the video camera itself. There are tons of retailers who sell these style cameras. They're very popular with skydivers/base jumpers as well as any action sport. I've seen them from anywhere between $200-$500 depending on what you get with it. Maybe do an internet'll see what i'm talking about.

    Good Luck.
  4. A friend of mine has the Sony 480 lipstick style cam. You have to hook it to a recording device but the quality is the best i have seen from even full sized cameras.
  5. Awesome Johnny B..I just found these guys as well:

    After I have some more cash I may havta do this..Seems awesome..Would be fun to get like 10 hours of me riding around and just put it on the TV to music cool at parties..some random guy cruising about the world..
  6. I just got a tank mount, tried it out for the first time on a track day. I got some killer footage!! Just need to invest in more batteries & more tapes :roll:
    I'm going to get a lot of footage of our trip to SBW.
  7. Hell yea! I was thinkin of just puttin a laptop in a backpack and just recording forever...or until the drive is full.
    How big is your camera?? When are you gunna post the footage? 8)
  8. I've just put my tank bag on and ran a bungie net over and attached to the tank. Get a good view of the road through the screen and also of the speedo/tach. I'd like to eventually get a helmet cam or "lipstick" cam but saving $$ right now.