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How to host and post pictures for free!!

Discussion in 'Gear, Parts, & Accessories' started by Mic, Oct 3, 2009.

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    This was originally posted by Beansbaxter in the Pictures Section:

    In order to curb all the questions of the most frequent pm I receive in the black hole I call an Inbox, here is the definitive easy to understand guide on how to host pictures for free and then post them on the website. I've added commentary...if you have any questions, feel free to post up. If it works for you, post up so others can see. If you find anything confusing, let me know and I'll correct the on with the tutorial:

    Just follow the green arrows/boxes on the pictures and read the step instructions, it's super easy...

    ---- Step 1

    Goto, easy enough. If you dont have an account setup, then up for one for free. If you have one, proceed onward.


    ---- Step 2

    Type in the following info that corresponds to the green arrows, from top to bottom you will need your Username, Password, Click Remember Me if you want to save your login (optional), and then click the Login button and your signed into your account.


    ---- Step 3

    The default is to upload one pic, meaning you copy a pic from your computer machine to the photobucket directory/album so it can be hosted. The top arrow shows the Browse button, click on it and choose the pic you want to upload. Then click the Submit button (bottom arrow) and it will upload the pic to your photobucket album.

    TIP: Underneath that bottom green arrow, there is a drop down menu box that allows you to choose "Submit Multiple Pictures" which makes it handy to upload more than one pic at the same time. The maximum here is 19, so anything more means you have to do them all with 19 increments. If you want to upload 5 pictures, click this drop down menu and choose 5. The paragraph before this stays true but you will see 5 browse buttons before the submit. It makes it easier to submit 5 all at once then submit one pic five times.


    ---- Step 4

    After your pic(s) are uploaded into your photobucket album, you should scroll down and see all your pics in there. In this example, you can see I have numerous pics in my album. This means they are stored in photobucket, ready for hosting.

    If you look underneath each picture, there is three boxes. The green boxes are outlining the bottom Img box of the three underneath each one of your photos. This is what you are concerned with for each picture...goto the next step.


    ---- Step 5

    I have chosen the first pic (see the lone green box) to link on the forum. If you click inside that Img text box, the entire selection should highlight up. At this point, you want to Copy this Link. You can do that by pressing Ctrl+C on your keyboard or right clicking with your mouse and choosing Copy.


    ---- Step 6

    Then go into the post that you want to show the picture in, and here you want to Paste that link of text you just copied out of photobucket from Step 4. You can press Ctrl+V on your keyboard to Paste, or right click and choose Paste.

    As you can see in the pic, it shows that link of text in the spot you post your threads on. It is simply the direct link to the pic you are hosting on photobucket and has the appropiate IMG tags already in place good to go.

    When you're all finished, click Submit to post your new thread or post.


    ---- Step 7

    And then you will see your is being hosted on photobucket for free and is being linked to from the forum.


    Lesson complete. Hope that helps.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.