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I appear! Greetings of a Spanish biker girl...

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by bikergirl_sv650s, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. Hello I am called NÚRIA and I been of barcelona(Spain)...

    I have one suzuki sv 650s from February of the 2005!

    I have seen yours page in another Spanish forum of motorcycles!

    I hope not to bother.... :roll:

    That he will be dificicult to see all us to go in motorcycle , because we are very far...

    I have one uncle that lives exactly in Washington... but not where.

    many kisses of strawberry


    v'sssssss from spain
  2. :mrgreen: HELLO,NURIA welcom,to the forum, good to here from you, you have a very nice bike, please tell us more about you, in SPAIN.

  3. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    if i ever take my bike to spain i'll be emailing you to find all the good roads!

    welcome to the board!
  4. yup welcome to the group!
  5. Thanks for the welcome.

    Firebird:I live to 65 kms of Barcelona. The roads by here are very good. But also they are very dangerous. Alive closely together of the circuit of catalunya (MONTMELO).I am 25 years old and I am in favor crazy of the motorcycles. they are my life!! :roll: you want to know something but of my? :oops:

    Not if to understand to me well. I use a page of translation of Internet because I do not dominate to much the English. :roll:

    My aunt lives in FIREFAX... Where it is that town?
  6. Hi Nuria, Welcome!

    If you mean Fairfax, it is Southeast of Seattle. It is in the Mountains near Mt. Ranier.

    You should come visit us... or better yet, We should all come visit you! 8)
  7. Welcome NÚRIA, to this website in Washington, USA.

    Look at this website to find cities and towns in Washington.
  8. jajajajajjajajaa Yes, to come all. ... I invite you to all!! and I teach you the so pretty highways that consider here. but to come in motorcycle..

    My aunt always tells me that he be going to see it.. but she is so far away. ... :roll:

    I invite you to come to Spain. ... who of you comes itself?? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    kisses of chocolate
  9. Hey Bikergirl, I understand what it is like posting in another country when you don't speak the language well.
    I post in Zbikes in Germany, those guys do some crazy things to their rides. Have to use the translation page all the time :roll:
  10. for those who dont know, jaja is the same as lol in spanish. I had a spanish friend in college and in the chatrooms, he would do the jaja line and I couldnt figure it out till he told me...


    how do all these new members find out about the site from another country, maybe a new international regional section should be put up haha err jaja
  11. And here I am thinking its yes yes yes crackup:
  12. r u serious...this has got to be a joke, Is this you J.B.?
  13. At first I thought it was a joke, but I took the IP address it was being posted from (The IP address is recorded every time a message has been sumitted.) and it trace routes to ESCTMATA, SPAIN, EUROPE.

    So it is legit. Unless JB is in Spain at the moment??
  14. Good. ... I believe that I bother.. that is what I have understood .
    I believe that will be better than me go of the forum.... Is not any joke.. I am a Spanish girl!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    good-bye.... :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    P.D.: Provided that I enter a forum of another country they think that is a joke... and is not thus! I am a Spanish girl with a SV.. :x
  15. We all believe you Bikergirl_sv650s, some people on this forum just know some guys who would trick us....but i know we all believe you are from Spain and thats really cool. No need to leave this forum
  16. kisses of chocolate kisses of strawberry .... spain sounds nice. welcome to the board.
  17. Thanks boy!! but is that among in an Italian forum and passed the same thing. ... and they caused they felt me very badly!! I put me very sad!

    I entered the Italian forum, because in May I was in Italy (monza) the 6, 7, 8 and 9 of May. to 10 kms of milan!! seeing the careers of SBK (TROY CORSER is very fast)... is to 1100kms of barcelona. I passed it me very well!! was a very pretty experience... and alone toward 2 months that had the motorcycle. We pass for monaco, niza, cannes, milan, ........... and the circuit of monza is precious... next year we want to go in motorcycle to see the GP of Germany and to roll in the old one Nuburbring. Recalling that in Spain we have 3 GP.. (jerez, montmelo and cheste)

    Many times in the forums we misinterpret the words and many confusions are created!

    These they are the Spanish forums where I write:, and

    You forgive if I have bothered someone... was not my intention!

    sorry!! :roll:
  18. Bikergirl,

    Nice bike. I just bought an SV650s myself but a 2001. Very fun bike for me to learn the street riding on. What color did you buy? A friend I know just bought the 2005 in blue (mine is also blue) and I like to newer styles versus mine but still love mine.

    By the way I guarantee you didn't bother anyone. Everyone on this forum has nothing but respect for riding and all riders no matter what you ride, skill level, or where you are from. I have recieved nothing but welcomes and understanding of my beginner status since I have been riding the last couple of months. The only time people here seem to get upset is with those that show off everywhere they ride and don't respect their bikes or themselves while riding (i.e. not wearing proper gear and such).

    So I say welcome and please keep coming back I promise every one here wants to here stories of fantastic roads in Spain and all of Europe! Also got any pictures of riding there or from your trip to Italy?

  19. If the truth is that the sv goes very well. mine is blue. precious!! is my pretty girl!! hehehehehe! I never had carried motorcycle and I have begun with a SV... perhaps next year a GSXR he buy me 600 or 750... not yet I know him!! depends on my level of conduction. and if that I have photos of Italy!! already I will hang some of monza!! and mine and of my motorcycle!

    kisses of vanilla and hugs of colors