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I felt so terrible...

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by Kawakaze67, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Yesterday on the way to take my friend and her daughter to a Dr appt in Pullman, I passed a rider pushing his bike towards Moscow. Red bike, rider in red and black leathers I think. If that was you, I am so sorry I couldn't stop to offer you a ride or at least let you use my cell to call someone! :ninja:

  2. wasn't me
  3. Oh... You're all so bad.... LOL
  4. You can admit your BMW broke down.
  5. :thefinge:

    never had so much as a hiccup
  6. Actually, it wasn't AV...woulda recognized him. It was a DUCATI!! I remembered that after I posted.
  7. I'm thinking of the bikes around campus. There's a red versys could it have been that? Only ducatis I know about are 2 monsters, I know one is yellow, the other one..okay I think the other one was red could have been him
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  8. Yeah, I used to see a red monster in front of Bill's welding in Pullman...haven't for quite a while though...
  9. It was a Ducati...I saw it with my own eyeballs and everything! lol Oh and the guy was CUTE! But honest, I noticed the bike first...really...hahahaha
  10. Yep...definitely not Avboden...
  11. Excuse me :glare::glare:
  12. :shock: Gah!
    Didn't think you browsed the forum anymore seeing as how you are posting challenged. Last post was in NOVEMBER!! :nana

 earlier statement stands. But he WAS cute in an "I'm totally not interested, just making an observation" kinda way. crackup:
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  13. That was my friend Chris. He ran out of gas because he failed to notice he was on reserve.
    He rides a red and white Suzuki Katana, wares a black leather jacket with dark red stripes down both arms, a black/gray helmet, and yes he is cute. :)
    He pushed that bike from Sunshine Road all the way to the Cenex gas station before his wife finally showed up with a gas can after saying “I’ll be right there”.

    We share a parking space at work during the summer.
    I've been trying to talk him into going on rides with us, or coming out to a bike night
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  14. [​IMG]
  15. Kawakaze67 was distracted by his good looks.

    I’ve work with him for 3 years so I can say he’s cute; (his wife who works upstairs from us)
  16. ROFLMAOcrackup:crackup:crackup:crackup:crackup:
  17. Heh...nice. I take it you're feeling better?
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