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I got bored the last couple days

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by ran429, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. So I repainted the tank and sidecovers so I could mount the tank badges and Decals on the side covers.

    I didnt get a pro job done but it will look decent enough for a year then I will strip this all off and do it right. Meantime I will work on a new tank since this one had a hole in it or two (Jb-Weld temped).

    Man I cant wait until monday, Get the truck going and Take off !
    (to the licensing Dept) and pay all the license costs.
    Then to insurance.
    7 years has been a long time and I am stoked !

    Soon I will have the $50 to recover the seat here in Kent and It will look even better. Also, I broke the windscreen so that too. Just have to mount the broken one and but a brace on the center so it stays together. These things are hard to find in good shape.

  2. I like! Especially with the 05 Kaw's comin out in similiar paint schemes. Let us know how that first victory lap goes!

  3. Yeah, The 04-05 Kawasaki's in the shop down the road here are great looking. I liked the orange too. I did this before seeing that bike just to make harley riders mad since this is their colors. HEHEHE !

    Same color scheme I used on the old K-Model sportster I rebuilt from a basket. I didnt even get to ride that one, Long story some other time.
    This KZ is going to be a Squirrely town bike, But being Jetted to race I wonder how it will handle. though the motor is stock, the previous owner sued to race other bikes and reworked these carbs. It gets up and goes (Brother rode it) Just wish it was next week already so I CAN RIDE IT.