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I have a complaint!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by ran429, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. Our Washington Dept of Licensing SUCKS !
    What a Crappy place to spend a WHOLE day, Just to be sent home empty handed. :cry:
    Went to Renton on Standby just to have a man who couldnt speak english at all come running in as they called me to the counter for the drive test.

    Waving his paperwork screaming something, Nobody could figure it out. But he was a whole MINUTE early for his drive test, Pushing me out the door until some other day.

    I'm going to have to find a LESS active Licensing facility if I want to Drive before the 18th. Everywhere is BOOKED solid until then.
  2. Strange, the Renton DOL is the one I go to for all my licensing needs. They are always fairly empty. My other option is the White Center location and I'll be damned it that place isn't always always always chock-full.

  3. just to have a man who couldnt speak english at all .

    Hope that's not a comment that you really believe in; Since it's Americas Fault; since everybody in the world want that dream! And they even pay some people to come here with out even caring if they speak the language or not. get use to it and your lucky you were not in NYC. Because there nobody speak( English). You would of had to bring your own interpreter.
  4. Yeah, I usually go to the renton Licensing as well (uh, i mean used to) and it was always in and out, but the driving things are a little different.

    Right now everywhere is Booked solid until the 15th thru the 18th.

    I really dont want to wait that long for my license so I am sitting in there as a standby driver in case someone comes late.

    I didnt have any hard feelings until I wwent to a different place and got to the counter, they had one drive slot open and Knew I wanted it. They called my number and i get up to the counter start doing the paperwork there also.

    Then this Local Kid comes walking in, doesnt pull a ticket but say's I did the Written already and passed can I schedule a drive test for today?
    All this while I am scheduling a test.

    Well they said, Sir excuse me but Our last position was just filled. Giving him the spot and scratching off my name she was writing there.

    I will be sitting in the Federal Way office all day on Monday though, Since they are open that is.
  5. Man you defenetly have forces working against you. You know god works in misterious ways maybe his trying to tell you something. Check your self before you wreck your self...
  6. Pullman, WA 99163
  7. I live in Kent, With no license to get there.

    Pullman is quite a bit too far.
  8. Well, it is less active. ;)
  9. Try northbend-Its the time of year when kids are getting licenses
  10. I Just set an appointment for Wednesday.
    Actually, I called the Woman who was helping me do everything I neeed to do this last Year and a half in the Olympia reinstatement dept.

    As I got off the phone with her I waited a few minutes and then called Federal way office, While I was being set up for a 14th appointment she Called there since i said I will probably ba calling there shortly and the woman I had been talking with at Federal Way said hold on.
    She came back a minute later and said she had gotten a call from Carole in Olympia and Moved my appointment up to this Wednesday.

    I am cool with this I guess, I am just REALLY anxious to go Riding again and getting frusterated isnt helping me any.

    I will be driving again on Wednesday.
  11. Enjoy the ride I'm next I'll finish the safety course sunday13th and will go shopping for my bike monday,,,,Yippiiiiiiiiiiiii.
  12. What went down with the woman? What are you looking at getting?
  13. I wish we could schedule a ride on the West side next week (spring break, woo!) but I'm gonna be in Seattle with the mighty Civic, not the Rad. :(

    Anyways. Hope your appointment goes through quickly and easily!
  14. What went down with the woman? What are you looking at getting?

    My woman said I deserved to get my bike and I went to renton and they're offering me the 05 Hayabusa with 2 new scorpion helmets w/ the chatter box for 2 for$12,500 out the door I'm still thinking about it and Im gonna check around to see if I can get a better deal.
  15. Get that in writing from that dealer and go SHOPPING !
    Dont show their quote until they give you their final out the door cost and all, When they say SO&SO many $$$$$ to assemble the bike - Get up and leave & dont look back - Shows theyre scammers when they charge for this.
  16. Yea if you haven't read the sticky about buying a new bike check it out it has some things to consider-

    Good for you on getting a new bike-A good deal IMO would be MSRP with tax, and any other charges included-

    As far as helmets-get a shoei or an arai its about safety and comfort for you an your woman- The chatterboxes are cool but bag the scorpion helmets- make sure its a chatterbox that you can plug tunes into if you want-

    Myself I would want minimum of MSRP(tax license and any other BS they want to throw in) on the bike and 60%-70% retail on any accessories to go with it-

    If you aren't mechanically minded try and get first service thrown in-and for sure ask the cost and their hourly rate-