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I have no Friends!!!!

Discussion in 'Westside' started by DeRekFoReaL, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. So yeah, none of my close friends share my inspiration and passion for bikes like i do. Im pretty much the only one that has a bike. I would love to meet some people to go Riding with!!!!! I always ride alone and dont get me wrong, i love it, love the chance to get away from all the BS. But im gettin lonely!! So anyone interested in Ridin hit me up!!
  2. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    welcome to the board!!!

  3. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    i just got home from riding for like 3 hours straight. i'm pooped. hit us up when we get back from laguna.
  4. welcome:

    if ya want to go on a ride then, post up and your e-friends on here will show up. Or watch out for a ride to join up on. A lot of people will be gone the next few days for Laguna, but the festivities will pick up shortly afterwards hehe
  5. i know what you mean by having no friends who ride. Thats why this site is great because it allows you to find other riders who will be your riding buddies. Theres alot of great riders on here.
  6. Heh, I know your pain. I'm in the same boat. My friends hve to endure me talking about my bike all the time cause I've gotten just a tad obsessed.

    I'm not sure I'm ready to ride with anyone yet (I'm pretty new to riding... ridden less than ayear and part of that my bike was in hibernation cause I discovered cold weather sux when you don't really have the clothes to deal with it).

    Too bad cause I'm in Mukilteo so we aren't that far from each other judging from your location (Everett).
  7. I'm way down in Lacey and I know where you're coming from.. seems every time I find a good riding buddy they either move away or wimp out.. one new buddy was riding with Blondie and I and training with me in Jeet Kune Do, but his new wife (new baby too) got jealous of the maybe 3 or 4 hours a week we hung out.. and he wimped out and caved in to her demands.. :scratchea

    I just met a newbie rider, he's young, single and has a new '05 sportster 1200, maybe he'll actually do some riding with us.

    If you ever make it south for a ride, I or we will meet up with ya, I'm Steve, my e-mail:
  8. I'm in Everett as well and ussualy have time for a ride here or there. What part of Mukilteo are you in Tigress? I live on the blvd just about mile before Mukilteo city limits....

  9. Mukilteo Blvd? Is that what you meant when you said the blvd? I *love* riding down that road. It's my favorite short ride when I don't have much time but I want to get a nice little ride. I usually take it to Everett Waterfront and back.

    I live literally right across from the airport on the speedway (well on Harbour Pt Blvd anyways).
  10. So let's make this easy...

    I vote we put a day together in the early part of August... and ride up hwy 20 to Winthrop We could meet in Everette/Darington... or meet up in Marblemount (At the base of the pass)?

    It's about a 8 hour ride-- roundtrip (Depending on how aggressive we want to make it we could do it in 6 hours... Regardless, any/ All skill levels welcome-- Ride at your pace!)

    It would make a great trip, and the scenery ROCKS!

  11. I think it sounds more fun to MEET in Everett and ride out to Marblemount and back. I would be up for that ride sometime in Aug...
  12. Phew, thats a long ride for me.. But im down! Hell i would ride anywhere as long as i got people to ride with! Lets set a date..?
  13. I'm new also to the board and looking for some fellow riders to hang with. Got great cager friends, but can't convince them to get bikes. I'm new to the area so I don't know the good routes, but willing to tag along.
  14. For those who want a shorter, relaxed kinda ride, there is also cruising up Whidbey Island and visiting places like Fort Casey and the parks around Deception Pass (or basically exploring around and stuff). Probably not a great ride for those wanting to go around lots of twisties but a beautiful, relaxed ride (that won't be so long).
  15. OK, I'm up for whatever. It would be fun to find a twisty/scenic road, but I'm game for whatever. We could head up to Bellingham, and towards Mount Baker-- which is about 2 hour each way... so round trip, only 4 hours! (I've heard that road is GREAT!)

    I just did Mapquest, and in actuallity, the Ride from Marblemount to Winthrop is 87 miles... so about 1.5 hours (And that's the best part of the ride).

    We could meet in Everett and ride to Marblemount (through Arlington/Darrington)... that's about an hour or so... but I'm not sure how great that ride would be... perhaps there are better roads to consider for a 3 hour round trip ride in that part of Washington?

    For my original suggestion, Here's what I was envisioning (Being Conservative):
    If we left at like 9am (From Everett) we could be at Marblemount by 10:30am, Gas up and ride up to Winthrop by 1:00pm. We have lunch... (And spend about an hour relaxing).

    We then head out around 2pm, and we're back at Marblemount by 3:30pm, and back in Everett by 5pm.

    It is an all day commitment, but we won't be pushing it really hard either... so it won't be too "exhausting"... (I don't think).

    How's August 7th, or 14th? (These are both Sundays)...
  16. Heh, I wasn't trying to say we should do my suggestion *instead* of your suggestion with my post. I'm not sure I am ready for your suggestion as I don't know really if I can last all day and not be too tired to be riding home. Longest I've ridden is around 3-4 hours at most, and that might be exagerating and I was zonked at the end. That and I'm not so sure I am ready to handle I-5 not to mention I-5 would be at the top of my bike's performance ability, I do ride a Rebel - the slowest of the 250's. I've taken it out on some highways but have actually avoided I-5 so far. Nor do I think you want a newbie on a Rebel holding you back on the twisties ;).

    But, what I was trying to say is we could *also* do a ride around Whidbey sometime. I admittedly have ulterior motives: I really really want to ride Whidbey and since my roomie doesn't ride and i'm usually spending my free day doing stuff with him I haven't had a chance yet. That and I think I can handle Whidbey and if I find it's getting too long I can easily find my way home. I'm really new to riding and I've never even had that good of a constitution for driving long distances, never mind riding them.
  17. Blondie and I are up for a ride around Whidbey!

    also, I have a bike trailer and if you do the Mt Baker ride we'll trailer my Max up to Everett and do the ride..Blondie is not up for a full-day long ride. If anyone needs a trailer up there along the I-5 corridor, from the Olympia area to Everett, I can take one sportbike along, also.. I'll need someplace to securely park my classic Scout/bike trailer..?
  18. So yeah, im down to ride whidbey too, i actually havnt been to whidbey in like 10 years so it would be nice going back!! Im still relatively new at riding as well, only been riding on the street for bout 3 months and the longest ive gone is bout 2 hours straight.. But hey, im up to try anything....Whidbey def sounds fun though...
  19. So for the Whidbey Ride, would Sunday the 24th (think it is the 24th, last sunday of July) work (or maybe first Sunday in August)?
  20. No worries, Tigress... any riding is good riding! ;-)

    Whidbey would be fun, too... and I'll probably do both-- if anyone's game to get up for a "faster" ride. (I don't mean anything stupid, or out of control riding... just a quicker, "spirited" pace), then let me know...

    But how about the date? Aug. 7th, or 14th?