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I need my undertail painted.

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by 2kcbrf4, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. Anyone know of a local shop to get my undertail painted? I am looking to get it done for a good price, but want it to match the factory color (Honda Sunrise Yellow). I got a quote from one shop and they said $250. That seems kind of high to me.

  2. meet my good friends mr. krylon and mrs. dupli-color. 8)

  3. I would go that route if I could get the right color. I went to KC auto paint today and they didn't have any chips that matched it. They had a little machine that matches paint but the guy said it's about 50/50 weather it will actually match.

    I have a friend that said he will paint it for me if I can get the paint so if I can find the color I will just get paint. I am going to call some local motorcycle shops tomorrow and see if they can help me.
  4. Hey I can call my paint guy, he can shoot it WAAAAY cheaper than that and has all the color chips.

  5. if you truly want the paint to match perfectly go to this web site- they have every paint code- i've had experience with those guys that say they can match it - some get close but none will match - you need the code-

    it's not all that cheap but it's the best - but in the end if you care about the paint matching they will make it match -

    If you want a local shop that did do a good paint job for one of my bikes try City South on the South Hill near 57th and Regal - it's near where Gold's Gym is just a block east of Regal on about 54th or 55 before you hit 57th - it's in the old indoor soccer facility and they are nice guys and like bikes - they aren't that expensive and sometimes they have guys that will do it on the weekend for cash (under the table) but be very cautious in bringing that up - I worked with one of the managers on that - and he gave the money directly to the guy that did the work -