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I want these levers so bad!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    get the crg levers and get them anodized... $80 bucks a piece, though.

  2. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    $160..00? $80.00? for Levers?
    For that price, they better come with a large breasted mechanic type named Wanda!
  3. JW

    JW jasons_r1

    the shorty pazzo levers are pimp buddy of mine has them on his r1 there on my mod list
  4. That is pretty much the going price for either CRG or Pazzo levers.

    I'm considering a set of shorties in black.
  5. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    I got a set for the 10....less then that though...shorty brake regular clutch black...
  6. I got the gold CRG shortys for $130 a set through a local person.
  7. I have them on both my streetbike and racebike -- and love 'em... and I damn well better for that price. I had the guy at Pazzo put red adjuster tabs on both sets (blue with red on the streetbike, and black with red on the racebike) -- I think it looks killer. Pics...




  8. I had the crg's on my f4i when I had it and loved them. To bad they don't make a pair for the mille that is an exact fit (you have to mod them)

  9. dude, you got some wierd kinks:thefinge:
  10. Motorcycle man

    Motorcycle man Telemark Rider

    Nice pics and I love the lid+1+1
    You hardly ever see that particular paint scheme around; I think it looks good though. Enough to buy one!!!:mrgreen: 8)
  11. chd...can you start a new thread about that Ultra-Lap device of yours, with some pics and a write up...I am interested and I'm sure many others are as well.
  12. Here's the link Beans... everything you'd want to know.

    I mounted the receiver on the front of my tailsection, which works great for me, but for taller guys, it would probably be in the way when in a full tuck (I'm like 5'9") -- taller guys practically sit on top of the tailsection on a 600. here's a pic of the receiver location (blue box)...


    I made the bracket for the LCD display out of 1/16th inch stainless steel sheeting -- the LCD is simply velcro'd to the bracket, and the bracket is through-bolted to the triple-clamp. Back to the receiver -- I think mounting them in the rear of the bike somewhere is the best choice, simply because sometimes the transmitter will be on the left side of the track, as opposed to the right side at Pacific Raceways. Some guys mount the receiver on the intake tubes up front, but it makes it harder to switch sides. Hope all this helps!
  13. Motorcycleman -- I love the Okada replica helmet too, but it's getting a bit old, and has many many miles on it, so it got replaced for the upcoming race season. I went with the Kitagawa... more plain-jane but I like the colors.

  14. I have a set of the shorties for my ride... I went in on a group deal for them... I think I paid $120 for the set. VERY nice, and really feel GREAT-- well built and fully adjustable. Worth the money, when you've got no other priorities... that is. I'd do this (My list of priorities):
    1) HP upgrades
    2) Suspension upgrade
    3) Comfort with seat/grips/brake-levers/rear-sets.
    4) Cosmetic
  15. I would love new black anodized levers though.