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I will be heading to Lewiston 6/24,25,26

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Lia, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. I have my Motor Cycle Safety Class on those days so I will be heading there if anyone want to tag along. Friday I am leaving at 4 or 4:30 and returning after class at 9:30p, Sat and Sun I will be leaving a 6a or so and returning at 6p. I am sure I won't have any takers for the night of Friday or the morning of Sat or Sun! If someone want to go lets meet a Tesoro at 4 and leave w/ in 10 or 15 min. I have to find the building on the Lewis-Clark campus where my class is so I'll need some extra time after I get there.

  2. if ya want, I could help ya find it. I could meet ya at the top of spiral or something and take ya there.

  3. Sounds great. I was wondering how I could ride and look at mapquest at the same time!

    What time do you think we would be there if we left a 4:15?

  4. Hey Lia, it's super easy to find. Head on from Pullman into Lewiston going the normal route. Head up the main road going into Lewiston (not the one that continues on to Clarkston) and there is that big Albertsons there on the right side, cant miss it. There is an Albertsons gas station and everything there.

    If you've reached the Taco Bell on the left side, you've gone too far up that main road.

    Anways, just turn right at that Albertsons and go straight for a ways and its off on the left. I took the course there, the two gentleman teaching it are really nice and very informative.
  5. it would take us about 10 minutes from the top of the spiral highway.
  6. i might be up for riding along, depends on the moving situation. Also...if you wanna take another good class, take mike sullivan's class at SRP. he has three levels from beginning street to wmrra licensing. I took just the beginner street and learned tons! i want to go take the medium class which is beginning race and works on getting laptimes down. but you learn lots of how your bike responds and handles...and theres no cars/cops/guardrails/other hazards. but there are those damn birds! i can't get away from them. . anyway, just fyi. If i can go i'll meet ya at tesoro.

  7. So you didn't have any trouble getting your license after that class even though it is in ID?

    I don't envy you your moving. Yuck. I hope to see you there, r6fireman1996
  8. Nope. I took the written test down at the Pullman licensing center. About two weeks after you complete the Idaho Star Program, they send you something in the mail (and they may send something to WA's DOL, not sure). That will allow you to automatically pass the driving portion.

    So as long as you have your written done, once you complete the class, then you can get your endorsement after you pony out some greenbacks of course.