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Idaho Rider

Discussion in 'Boise Region' started by Krayvon, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Looks like this region doesn't have that many riders. i wonder why...

    also would you not recommend moving to boise?:scratchea
  2. We are all over here, no need to post the same stuff in two places. Are you moving to Boise and you want us to talk you out of it?

  3. pretty much, the opportunity is knocking on my door. i'm just not sure if the environment would be a good fit for me or not. how's the weather compare to seattle?
  4. I lived in Idaho for 5 or 6 years.

    Nice place, straight roads, not much precipitation. Hot and dry during the summer, cold and dry during the winter.

    It's a nice place to live. Very clean, good people, and then there are people with a lot of money there.

    Overall, the best selection of hot girls that I've ever seen. I'd say the hot to ugly ratio is 1:5, rather than 1:13 for Seattle and 1:20 for Portland.
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  5. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    A lot more extreme than where you're at now...


  6. that is a very unpleasant ratio haha
  7. if i could do the job I have now, or even a similar one, in Boise, I would say yes, super yes, when do I start?

    oh, and as for the weather...there actually is weather in Boise. not just shades of grey.
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  8. Like others have said the summers are dry and hot, the winters are cold and mostly dry until we get snow. My wife and I are from Woodburn Oregon and moved to Nampa about 10 years ago, and it took us a few seasons to get used to it. There are some nice twisty roads just outside of town and the speeding tickets are a lot less expensive here then in Oregon.
  9. you riding lakeshore drive?
  10. You can turn tricks in any city in the country dude...
  11. You forgot to mention that the wimmings in Idaho are a lot more friendly than the ones in either Wash. or Ore.
  12. I would live in Boise in a heart beat if I had a chance. Been there many times to visit and my brother used to live there. So much to like. Got to ride Banks Lowman Rd this last year, and I got to say, it was one of the best roads I've ridden. Ask "Buz" what he thought of that road :secret:
  13. Yes, we ride lakeshore drive a lot and then cut over to map rock road.
  14. man I miss that road :(
  15. I moved to Nampa in 01 and hated every minute I was there. Hot summers, no trees, everyone from there knows everyone from there and everyone that has moved there is a Cali. dickhead trying to edumacate the hillbilly locals. The one bright spot is that the women seem to like the back door lovin more down there for some reason.
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  16. haha i love seeing peoples reasons to hate/love idaho.

    I think once this snow garbage passes, I'll ride to Boise and check it out myself before making any serious decisions. last time i made a big decision like this, i ended up in the army for 5 years :)
  17. When you come check it out post up on Boise riders and we can put a ride or two together.
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  18. copy that. I've been told boise river has some good trout nothing like riding and fishin :)
  19. how cold is considered cold in Boise, for winter? below freezing or below zero?

  20. are you trying to move with me fred? if so, can we be best friends? :) haha