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If all goes well soon, Victory Ride. UPDATED !!!!!!

Discussion in 'Westside' started by ran429, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. I have been revoked for 7 years now so far, I am coming up on my reinstatement Hearing within the next few months. Being Clean and sober for 4-1/2 years now no tavern stops will be made.

    I am trying to see if there are any interested people in the SEATTLE & Surrounding areas if they would be willing to head out with me on my Maiden Victory Voyage around the Washington Area.

    Route UNPLANNED as of yet. But this could turn into an overniter around 101 trip or Mount Rainier through eastern Wasington and back to this side of the mountains Via Monroe Hwy 2 (Long ride)

    But this will be a great day (or 2) of Cruising with fellow riders of Lets say Three other Motorcycle sites on the Net.
    KzRider, My site - Kz Kawasaki Riders and some Goldwing sites and my uncles & Brother on one of many of his assorted rides.

    But what is more fun, Untamed rice rockets or Large cruising rice ? (since now I have both)
  2. I'd probably be down with meeting up with you for the eastern WA leg of your trip. Keep us up to speed and we'll see. :)

    Congrats on being clean and sober!

  3. Congrads man! If you make it to the eastside of the state, just give me a little notice and I'll meet up with ya! Might even be able to get Guff off his duff and ride too hehe
  4. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    Definitely interested... and if we can hit up Eatza Pizza somewhere along the way I'm sold! :p

  5. ***************UPDATE UPDATE !*********************

    A hearing is set for monday the 14th !
    I know not many if anyone here knows why I cant drive right now but I havent driven a vehicle since 1998 legally. In the past 5 years I havent driven at all since getting pulled over for the last time with alcohol on my breath. It landed me a year in the pokey !
    Well while in there they offered me a work detail which paid $6.50hr towards my fines.
    I was placed at a National Cemetary Burying Veterans.
    One day I was handed a box, I was instructed not to dirty it up and or set it down for any reason . OK i said thinking it was a tool.

    An hour later getting tired of holding this tool i inquired as to when the Guest of Honor would arrive (thats the Deceased Veteran) Well they promptly and without feeling told me the guest of honor was in my hands and its a Dead 2-1/2 month old baby boy named Christian Micheal.

    Right then and there I knew for the rest of my life I would never Drink Alcohol again, I have been sober 4-1/2 years now as of this.

    Now for the good news!


    I called Olympia today.

    I got ahold of the Hearings Dept, I inquired about my Hearing status.

    It took a bit for the woman to dig it up on the computer or pull my file, She said I was eligible on the 7'th . I asked about the hearing and she said it had been transfered to the Seattle Office off Pike st.

    I asked for the number there and promptly called there instead.

    I finally get ahold of the hearings officer and after she too dug up my files from wherever, She informed me it was still in planning for a hearing date. I informed her I was up for reinstatement on Jan-7'th and she said yes, Eligible for consideration that is.

    Well, I informed her of what all Carole in Olympia was saying and made it out to sound as if i would be able to drive again on the 7'th. She said she always does.

    Well i said I was clean and sober the last 4-1/2 years again and asked her how long until my hearing again and she got the book and asked when I would be available - I said ANY TIME ANY DAY 24hrs A DAY. She laughed!

    She asked, How about 2:00 Pm on Monday the 14th?

    I AM FREAKIN OUT !!!!!!!
  6. Right on I went a few years myself-Flatout walked rode a bike and caught rides for a year and a half after my 3rd dws.
  7. 2 more days !

    I have my KZ550 Gpz all ready for next weeks road test, I cant wait to get on that throttle !
    I severely miss those curved onramps to the interstates. VAROOOm VroooooM Vroooooooom VROOOOOOOOOOOM and so on .
    Its going to feel great being back in the wind again.
  8. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    Heheh... I can't wait to hear about your first day back out on the road. Remember to be carefull though... the first 6 mo on a new bike or after a break are the most dangerous. That being said... keep us posted on when you're going to be passing through the Spokane/Eastern Wa area. :p

  9. 16 long miserable hours until the hearing guy's, I dont think I will be sleeping too much tonight being this anxious.
  10. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    Heheh... I can't even imagine how excited/nervous/anxious you are... Just remember to dress sharp, be polite, and you'll be riding shortly! :p

  11. shortly in 2-1/2 months.
    Licensing says yes.
    Treatment says I have to complete my plan from 5 years ago before they will give the form I need to me.

    5 F-N years clean and sober just to go back to treatment.
    Really sucks.
  12. hang in there man. it could always be worse ya know. in the meantime, keep ya spirits up there...
  13. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    The summer is still ahead of us and by then you'll be enjoying the roads the way they were meant to be. :)

  14. I hired a lawyer, He got so mad when he read all the paperwork and then noticed the counselor changed her mind on no significant problem to I WANT MONEY NOW THAT YOU NEED SOMETHING IMPORTANT now you must go to treatment for 9 months before I give this to you.

    He called the Judge herself and inquired as to what I need and is on top of it, after relicensing I am goingto shut the treatment center down and have her license taken away for bad puplic service and Misdiagnosis of a person who has a grip on his life (lawyer and Alcohol rehabilitation board helping)
    Its being taken care of now, Quite brilliantly, I gave it all over to god and he is working really fast too !

    Also, The lawyer instructed me NOT to go to any classes until I see the counselor he recommends to me.
  15. hang in there it will happen-stuff like this always pops up-if your doing the right stuff it will workout for ya-just have patience-
  16. On my way out the door for a LOOONG drive to a Re-evaluation from a respected chemical dependency counselor.
    I still cant believe the last place changed their minds and tried to extort money from me when I finally needed the NO FURTHER TREATMENT report.
    4-1/2 years sober and they give me 9 months treatment for their own gain, Kind of CROOKE.D if you ask me.
    Report later on the results, should take 4-6 day's for the outcome.
  17. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    The revenue has to come from somewhere... it's just too bad that they sometimes choose shady ways of going about it.

  18. Went to the Evaluation yesterday in chehalis. Nice Drive too (wife drove) and LOTS of bikes Everywhere!
    The State patrol had their Usual Lineup of BMW bears in olympia enjoying their day ruining other motorists day's.

    Man, This one Cycle cop Blasted from the shoulder into Hyper speed Zipping in and out of cars with barely enough room between them for the bike. Scary!

    Finally got to the discussion with the counselor, Told her everything from when the first time I can remember farting.

    At the final of the eveluation she gave me the Lable of Alcoholic in Remission (I guess this is from 4-1/2 years sober) Now I am waiting for the results of the Pee Test monday or tuesday.

    So far so good, and they said they would help me file a grievance with the correct board of counselors & File against the Other Recovery Center which Screwed up litterally and Legally as well.

    Now this time I should be riding by the end of Next week or early the following week.
  19. suuuweeet! good to hear man!
  20. Recieved the results today on the evaluation!!!!!! :lol:

    Now its all a big WAITING game. I am pricing insurance now and Hoping it comes cheaper that I have been told. Since I have a Clean record now for the last 4-1/2-5 years, It shouldnt be too expensive.
    Man I am stoked! I finally "AM" at the end of this LONG LONG time of MISERY.

    Looks as if the VICTORY RIDE will happen soon!

    I will keep everyone updated when I can come put and PLAY.