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I'll tell you what's wrong with Yakima

Discussion in 'Yakima' started by Jimmyz, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Yakima cracking down on thong underwear (edit: great fucking headline huh! Whoot!)
    By The Associated Press
    YAKIMA — The Yakima City Council is cracking down on what an ordinance delicately refers to as "cleavage of the buttocks."
    Responding to a proliferation of coffee stands with baristas wearing see-through clothing, thongs and other scanty apparel, the council this week approved minor changes to the city's indecent exposure law.
    The Yakima Herald-Republic reports that Mayor Dave Elder had wanted the changes under the city's adult business ordinance. But city legal staff warned that trying to place coffee stands under that law could lead to legal challenges.
    The change approved by the council means that anyone in public wearing see-through apparel, a thong or a G-string — regardless of whether they are working at a coffee stand — could be prosecuted for a misdemeanor violation.
  2. pjd

    pjd Moderator

    Thongs aren't criminal.

    The fact that some companies make them in large and above should be.

  3. I endorse this post.
  4. Thongs...

    to wear them is a privilege, NOT a right!
  5. OMG, really? Wearing a thong is a misdeameanor? :shock:
  6. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    Apparently they are in Yakima...
  7. Well shit ladies, I'll be around to collect all your thongs, you must model them first, then they will be properly disposed of in fire, if you have anything else besides granny panties those may be modeled too. Granny pannys will be disposed of on sight in a vat of Hydrochloric Acid.

    There will be a small fee for the service to be applied at my discretion.
  8. Guess, I will be canceling my planned trip to Yakima.... ;-)

    Hmm, it's true - you can't fix stupid.
  9. I guess I am staying out of Yakima. If you get a misdemeanor for wearing a thong, I would probably go to prison for going commando!
  10. Guess I need to move soon......:evil4:
  11. And I guess I can't go swimming in my thong speedos there anymore. DAMMIT, I loved that speedo.
  12. stupid= yakima
    This fucking redneck hill billy sheep fuckin town has a long history of stupid decisions, among them choosing to host the Centrel Washington State fair over Central Washington State University when given a choise by the state decades ago, raiding any bar having a wet t-shirt contest, :banghead: forbidding any paintball courses under any circumstances, banning cruising, banning parking in public parking lots without direct buisness. thus anything that could bring life to this shit hole is distroyed by overzealous christians, even banning movies from the theater deamed to sexual like showgirls and others.
  13. strange what ever happened to the coffee places where all the barista are in bikini?
    i tell u there is one thing i love about portland and its the sexy stripper girls everywhere i look :)
  14. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Thats it. I'm cutting Yakima outta ALL my maps. No need to visit anymore!
  15. They should worry about Spandex, it aint for everyone.
  16. Portland is my hero...strippers, booze and steak :thumblef:

    Apparently Yakima and Everett are not the places to we didn't know that anyway :nana
  17. Just have em quit wearing undies all together.....problem solved.:devil:
  18. C~Style

    C~Style Retired

    +1 I like your logic here
  19. you forgot to add fags and yuppy's. the racetrack is cool and motocorsa
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