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Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by r6fireman1996, May 18, 2005.

  1. Hey guys and gals...long time no see (or ride). so i've been bustin my ass at work and wishing i was on two (or one) wheels lately. Just wanted to catch up with the ole gang and see whos out and about and whos moved on to (hopefully) bigger and better things. and hey, lookin for a ride now that i'm getting (a little) more free time. cell phone's still the easiest way to reach me other than email. 206-953-1353. laters

  2. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    i'm still here... i'll be down for a ride next week after the rain stops and the swelling in my ankle goes down a bit... Rock and Roll

  3. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    oh, sorry, just sprained it a bit playing soccer
  4. Welcome back man, look forward to riding with ya.
  5. Hey Chuck! Glad to see ya on here, where is the rest of the Pullman fire crew?
  6. theres only a couple of us left...shane moved to boise and jesse has his bike right now but he's taking it back soon...pearce is gone...nick sold his...jesse sold his pretty much me and brian. we do have a rook that has one, but i think he's selling it. thats bout it, no one to ride with anymore....

    but you know I do see leif out and about...did he repaint his bike? and is he on this site?
  7. So do you have to work on Saturday? You should totally come up to Spokane with us! You missed a good ride today of the spiral highway... Saturday though: 1030 - Tesoro (9am at Old Euro) Try and make it! Supposed to be TONS of people we're meeting up with up there.
  8. sorry, had FD training this past weekend. got to play and cut up cars...and they call this training! :) Besides, i'd have to get permission before going somewhere with ya! :) know what I mean ;)
  9. Yeah I know what you mean - and you're allowed. I think you've actually been dared to. ;) Come ride. Today... right now. Shell! Leif if there.
  10. So Trixie, what are you doing these days now that you don't have to work? what was the whole story anyway? I just read the email when I got to work. anyway, breaks almost over, gotta go. talk to you later.
  11. Hey Chuck, Leif is on the site under the screename fast_lcf. He didnt repaint his bike, but he took off most of the stock vinyls that Suzuki had so it's pretty much all black with just a little orange and such...from last week:

  12. Well... I've got time to ride which is good. I am flying out to Poland next week to sell a few properties out there, and just put my condo in Bellevue up on the market, so I've been staying busy. I'm doing all that because I can get a better return on my investment if I turn around and put it in to CDs and such.. since all my propertires are paid off and it's just money sitting there, in areas that are not fluxuating with the market, and not increasing in value. As far as work goes, it's great. I've actually got some great gigs lined up, and I'm happier than I was in town. I have the in with a few different fire departments and just got an offer from one that wants to pay to put me thru paramed school if I will commit to them. So not bad at all. I'm glad to have the break and be away from the drama. I still continue to work as a Chef of catering for WSU and will be starting at Les Schwab in the fall. Life is still busy of course... doing second summer session, and in the fall, back to taking 7 classes. WOOHOO!!! But I did make sure that everyday I will be done by 2:30 so that I will still have time to ride. :)

    Anyway.. hope you're well also. It would be nice for you to actually come ride with us... instead of just talking about it ;) Take care!