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Im Back...who wants to ride?

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by Gum-B, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. whats up everyone?
    So im back on the road with a new bike. I made the switch to a more comfortable Kawasaki Mean Streak and am ready to put some miles on it. I was planning on a nice little run down spiral on Sunday the 10th of June at about 3pm if anyone would like to join. Any Pullman or Moscow riders let me know if your in and where you want to meet up. Until then ride safe and ill see you down the road.

  2. Wow I see I've generated a ton of interest. The weather looks like it may be crappy so I'm thinking about waiting until another day.
    I would like to get some regular rides in again this summer. Sunday afternoons work best for me. So I guess I'll post up rides and see who shows.

  3. Congrats on the new ride! Certainly a big change from the R1.

    You probably noticed that there hasn't been a post here in nearly a month! So I'm guessing we are all just out of practice for checking in on the forum.

    I would be up for a ride, but my near-term schedule may not allow it. This next weekend is a WMRRA weekend. But I do have the following week off of work so I could even do a mid-day ride.

    And I'm certainly all for some summer rides.
  4. Lets hope that summer will be here and we can ride!!!!
  5. holly crap people.
    it felt like a ghost town in here.

    I have been putting the miles on my bike quite regularly the rain has not stopped me yet. I would like to get some good rides in this summer, maybe the rattlesnake and st marries, even hit up spokane a few times.
  6. Hey,

    I'm up for a ride. I am always looking for new people to ride with. I am free on the Weekends, and any day after 5:00.

  7. Glad you gave up on the dirt bike. As soon as some pieces arrive, I'll be ready to go:

  8. sweet people who wanna ride. Im free most weekends now so ill post up some ride dates as soon as i have a chance. and geezr that Harley looks a lot different than i remember.
  9. It's even different from what I remember!
  10. Hey guys, im new to the biking scene, trying to get to know some fellow bikers soon. I'll be back in pullman for fall semester and looking forward to meeting some new people/going on rides with my r6 :mrgreen: