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I'm impressed

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by holypiston, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. I did the longest ride on any of my "aircooled" RDs ever and at a pretty high rate of sustained cruising (for my bike anyway) w/ my GF on WEDS.

    VAncouver to Windy Ridge to a late start, so decided to slab 12 to I-5 all the way back to Vancouver at good freeway cruising speed.

    I think I found that tuning that works pretty well for me from 63~85 degrees. Was getting a bit rich up @ the top, but no fouled plugs.

    I had to stop 3 times climbing the stairway to heaven...some hikers said, keep going, it's worth it!

    Anyway, i think the key is good head work, stock compression and a tight squish clearance and a good electronic! ignition. PUmp gas, revs no higher than 8.5k for a streeter, remember that for have been warned!!!!!!! cheap JASO-FC (works for me) mastercraft oreilly two stroke oil. found 24:1 wasn't burning all the oil....went back to 32:1 and a 220 main jet and that's about as good as it gets for the temp/altitude variances i really nice around 7 pm heading back on long highway 12 to I-5 and back home and the rollons were fantastic. Heads setup for .042" squish X 10.5mm X 14 degree angle...have a TZ style base gasket (ala Lyn Garland...old two stroke racer, sells varying thicknesses) that lowers that number to around .034" squish...can't do this w/o the heads perfectly dowel pins locate the heads perfectly. 25.7 c.c. volume in the heads. with stock gasket it's .042"...wanted a little bit more in the midrange.

    anyway...woo fricken hoo. good reliable power that doesn't fade (not much)...good head mods. helps to not ride like a jackass all the time either...keep that throttle hand in check or have a chase vehicle w/ leaded 115+ race gas and LOTS of premix...oh hell, then you have to re-jet again...!!!

    Thanks to RB Designs...he also ported my daytona to stock 400 specs so the head work would work... Also....NO head gasket....strictly o-ring head...and no the o-ring won't melt. I've already holed a couple pistons and the o-ring was fine and never leaked...KILLER seal for the aircooled RD. Stock compression and tight squish...i think i like it.

    I really thought i would seize coming all the way home on I-5 from Morton hi-speed cruising...we did stop once for gas, but that was it.

    impressive. thank god a least Ron knows what he's damn, i say got damn...even my Goil friend was impressed. She said this was a rippin'...and it really rips w/the 210 main and 80+, but it's not always 80 degrees here, so tune realistically for the micro-climate stuff...

    a few rollons here and there from 70-90 helped break up the monotony and then backing down from 6k cruising and hitting a higher gear and then 5.5 k cruising.

    So in conclusion, for my ride the 210 main is great for 80+....the 220 works fantastic in the 60s, but the 220 is the better all around choice for a monster ride like this<---and a ride like this IS a monster for an aircooled two stroke. didn't blow up....i must be doing something right, finally.
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