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in light of "why we wear gear"

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Soul, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. it happened tonite..after i was too early for bike nite and left i went for a ride with a buddy..I came around a corner at about 50 and hit a patch of gravel on the side of the road. I pretty much blacked out shortly after that so i dont remember too much. I dont think i hit my head too hard because the helmet appears to only have scratches. I have some rash by my knee on my right leg..some chunks were taken out of my leather boots. i had jeans, leather boots, leather jacket, full faced helmet and gloves on. I dont know what i slammed into on the side of the road but my shoulder pad helped a ton. i think? I ruined a bunch of shit in my shoulder, things are stretched and torn and one of the bones isnt looking so hot. I didnt need emergency surgery but i will be talking to a shoulder specialist tomorrow because they couldnt tell how bad it is, they said i may need to have my shoulder taken apart so they can put it back together with plates and pins. They said my shoulder, if i dont have to have surgery, will be not real usable for 3 or 4 months.
    I havent checked my bike out really..i know most the speedo section/ignition is gone, handle bars are screwed, fender etc etc. not that it matters anymore, i cant ride this season anyway. I'm alive. I'm a statistic. ride safe.
  2. jezterr

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    glad to hear you're in one piece. heal up fast and get the baby fixed for next season. until then, piss on every gravel spot you can. STUPID GRAVEL.

    glad you're okay.

  3. Man, sorry to hear about your spin. Goodluck with the shoulder
  4. yeah man sorry to hear about the crash...hopefully your shoulder will be an easy fix so you can get back to riding!
  5. get better bro, sorry to hear this. hope u can still make it to trixie's bbq...if u need a truck to pick up ur moto and take it back to ur place, let me know. ill be driving my truck down there tomorrow (friday) to pullman.
  6. Ahg, so sorry to hear. We heard a bunch of sirens and saw some police activity last night, maybe that was you. Creepy. I am glad you are ok, though. And great job wearing your gear. The closer it hits to home the more people will realize that it doesn't always happen to the other guy, or some one being dumb. That's why they are called accidents.
  7. Hey man, sorry to hear that. Sometimes bad things happen, Im just glad you had protection. Sounds like it was a somewhat bad spill as well, if your shoulder is that messed. Take care of yourself and dont hesitate to ask if you need anything!

  8. At least your able to type. I just wish I could spell.
  9. damn man that really sucks, glad to hear you are doing ok though
  10. At least Beerbohm didnt ask if you wanted to make out...
  11. G-Spot

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    Glad to hear that it isn't more serious than what it already is. Take care!
    (And I bet that if you show up to the BBQ that you will get really well taken care of by eveyone else!!!!)
  12. Hey all, I just got outta the doctors office with soul a few min ago. Here is a little update for ya. The part of the colar bone that connets to the top of your arm...crushed. There are a few pieces of bone floating around in the clotted blood in there. X-rays show that his arm is only connected by tissue. 70% chance of going under the knife before he got a ct scan.

    In more superficial news. what does it take for to connect a speedometer? its a cable that spins? or how does it read speed. This is a chance to mod his bike a little and replacing the speedo looks $pendy. So if someone knows how they work that can give me the quick and dirty I am thinking about building a digital one, save some moola for soul.
  13. Easy speedo solution... Sigma bike computer. I ran one on my Bandit as a more accurate speedo than the stock one. Only problem is that they can not be seen at night without some type of light, but I am sure that could be worked around as well.
  14. should be able to get an oem replancement used off ebay for hella cheap.
  15. I know Soul's been watching for a while for a cheapo one since his temp and trip odometer weren't working when he bought it. He's got a while to figure shit out tho. We'll make sure his bike is working by next spring.
  16. thanks for the concern guys. I just did the ct scans and stuff as pod mentioned..No cops were involved in this one, and thanks for the offer about the of my buddies came and got me and my bike and took me to the hospital. My shoulder aint lookin good atal and the surgeon is double checking with ct scans before they rebuild my shoulder. Looking like pins and plates to put my shoulder back together and then in a few months another surgery to see if they can get the plates and pins out and see if my shoulder can stay held together.
    The bike looks half ok. Forks bent, speedo is basically gone, handle bars look screwed, fender, head light, mirror(s) igniton..basically everything up front is messed up...some rash on the back..frame appears straight anmd engine and radiator look ok. I havent really sat down and studied it yet..More worried about the surgeries and this shitty pain, but im pretty drugged up so it isnt hurting as terrible today. Woke up at 5 this morning not on drugs and i went into shock from the pain again, all i could do is feel around for more hydros with my hand and lay there for 20 or 30 for them to kick in while i shook. This stuff aint fun. I dunno, I think i'll be ok someday..I do wanna keep riding though, I just think the way i think about things will change. Thanks for the concern and support guys.
  17. that sigma bike computer seems nice. cheap too. Thanks
  18. G-Spot

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    Just hope that everything goes okay for you Soul.....
  19. If you need some help putting the bike back together, my shop is open, you buy the parts, ill throw the labor for free.

  20. Fighterama,
    Thanks man..That really means a lot. Even though I havent been a part of this community for very long you are treating me like an old friend. Thanks, I really appreciate it. What shop is yours fighterama? I will start spamming for you. :)
    I dont know when i will be able to afford parts, but i will probably take you up on the offer because it is so helpful. I would like to help/watch also so I can learn. Hopefully I can rebuild the front end better than it was(better forks and shit etc). But, before i rebuild the bike I need to rebuild myself. I havent heard from the Dr's yet, hopefully sometime today..I will also try to get pics of the bike and maybe some pics of the X-rays for you guys.
    Thanks again fighter, I will have a case or two of beer with your name on it when i get over to spokane sometime.