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inexpensive fender eliminator

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by zx6Nick, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. This is a review/helpful advice on a very well-built fender eliminator from gpmoto1. I would have posted this in the review, but it hasn't seen much action since july 2012.

    I'll keep it short and sweet. I needed a fender eliminator and didn't want to spend a boat load on it. After searching and searching, I ended up getting connected with John at gpmoto1. $24 for a sweet looking fender eliminator that is way nicer than any of these $60+ ones I've seen. They're a brand new company out of NJ, so you're not paying for the name, but for the quality. If you're in need of a quality fender eliminator, I encourage you to check them out. I installed mine today and rode in this perfect weather. I actually got some compliments and questions about it at Cycle Gear today 8)

    My intention wasn't to spam, but to spread the word to anyone like me that is searching for something that looks nice and doesn't cost the same as gold.

    Have a good one, guys/gals!
  2. almost forgot! is the address haha

  3. Did you scrap the OEM license plate light?
  4. Pics, or your a shameless spammer who should be taken out back and given a ham sandwich enema. :spam1:
  5. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    We looking at the same forum section??? There are plenty of recent posts in 2013.....
  6. RideMotto, I have all the OEM stuff in my shed. You need something?

    RedKat600, apparently i don't know how to scroll down. I just saw the stickies and clicked away. My apologies, bud.

    I'll attach a few pictures for you guys. Not trying to spam, just thought I'd share what I wish someone would have told me a long time ago.


  7. you probably dont care but here in washington that isn't legal i got pulled over twice on my 636 for having it there
  8. I didn't know that. I drove up to Seattle for the SX and saw a bunch of bikes with that kind of set-up. Must just be the luck of the draw with who gets pulled over. I might have misspoke, but even in Salem, where they seem to be anti-bike, I've heard, they didn't give me any trouble and i passed plenty of cops.
  9. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    No apologies needed. Is it OK to have it moved there though? This seems to be something that would fit well there rather than region specific.
  10. It looks clean but, it seems tucked back and folded up a little too far. I have a kit which I admit I spent too much for but, the plated is pretty much straight up and down, yes, it's not legal but doesn't really draw that much attention. So far so good.

    on a side note,
    I wish most places had markings on the ground like the one your bikes on..
  11. its more just a reason to pull over a bike.. but if he wants a reason i'm sure they will find one anyways... i never got a ticket one was just a warning then a week later from a different cop he was going to give me a ticket he said. but then i asked him why he was being such a dick and if he could move so i could get off my bike and get my info.. he proceed to flip out on me and stormed off to his car and took off..
  12. RedKat600, by all means, please. I would have originally posted there, but I didn't even scroll down past the stickies.

    1shinysideup, I agree with you. I would have mounted it higher, but I didn't want to remove my ECU or risk drilling through it. I bent it back when I was riding 2up just in case it scraped.

    My apt. complex has that parking, but it's back behind the dumpster with no lighting whatsoever. It's pretty sketchy.
  13. Instead of making an all new topic, I'll just revive an old one.

    Just ordered flush signals, integrated tail lights and fender eliminator from and thought I'd share some info.

    It all arrived very timely, they ship 2 day priority and in a box that wasn't overly large so pretty low shipping. I also had to go back to order the flasher relay as I forgot and they only charged $3 for shipping on it.

    Something I must note, that if you pay more attention to it than I did then you'd have known from the pictures, these products are TST industries and are pretty much the same price as if you bought them from their website.

    I'm waiting until Saturday to install everything. After that I'll post up how they look. TST provides install directions in the box and has install directions on YouTube. They also provide resistors with all LEDs so you don't need relays and They come with a splicing tool. I opted for the relay to make it easier and not have to do any splicing or worrying about hot things in my tail.
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  14. The fender eliminator for my old 500 was MUCH more expensive than the fender eliminator for my GSXr. I bought it for like $20 off amazon, and it's perfect. I've heard you can get in trouble if you don't keep the license plate lit, so I ordered some of the LED "bolts" for like 3 bucks and used the wiring from the old light that had been there before. Back of my bike looks clean and well lit! I was wondering those LED bolts would hold up, it's already been almost two years!

    Fender eliminator: TST Industries
    LED bolts: TOOGOO

    Total cost was $26.00 + Shipping