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Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Brad Marsh, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. Hi guys, I am bout to buy a new bike. I was looking at 3 and I am really loving the R1. (current model) yet I went to get a quote on it from Geico being my current insurer and knowing that they are normally cheapest around for auto at least. To my Horror the R1 comes in at over 3k per year, where as other bikes (Ducatti 1299 and BMW 1000RR) are half the cost. Does anyone know where I can get a reasonable deal on insurance?

    Otherwise I am not likely to buy the bike I like most, which is the cheapest of the bunch, kind of ironic.
  2. Yea dude, I just bought a 2017 gsxr 1k and my average quote was 400 dollars a month for full coverage. I turn 25 later this month and will try again, Also just a word of advice. Depending on your credit and who is accepting you, talk to your shop and find out who doesnt "Monitor" your insurance. Yes per financing you have to obey the laws from the loan officer but my bank doesnt care. This being said I will run full coverage during the riding season and a month or two after then switch to comprehensive/storage. Covering theft and acts of nature. And you wont have to worry about them hassling you about it.

    I use Syncrony for the Suzuki but when I had my honda last year I had a different one and they were ass holes about keeping full coverage all year round. Fuck that.

  3. They're all classified differently. Give the VIN when getting quotes and they'll be able to tell you more. I asked for a price difference for trading in my Daytona 675 for an Aprilia liter bike and it surprisingly turned out to be cheaper. It also has a lot to do with potentional discounts like safe driver, MSF completion and yearly payments versus monthly. Ask around - I like Allstate. Good coverage on a new R1 isn't gonna be cheap.
  4. It also has to do with how your bike is classified. An R1 is a sport bike classification, I bet. Much riskier than say, a sport-touring bike, at least to the insurance company. I ran into this when I insured my Triumph Sprint. It was classed as a sport-touring bike, even though it had the general specs and performance of a slightly-porky sport bike, and was consequently cheaper to insure. Even my insurance agent was surprised.
  5. Your experience and age have a lot to do with the level of premiums, too. I'm at the stage in my life where I am covered to the hilt and pay around $50 a month. I also insure my two cages (spotless record) and the house (no pool or trampolines) under the same umbrella as well.
    If you haven't done so already, go take an MSF course - it helps to lower your premiums.
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    kawidude88 formerly gsxrdude24

    I would suggest the MSF course and work on your credit. I find geico to be cheaper than progressive but it all depends. They do very dramatically by bike type year etc. Also had many car accidents not at fault but still impact. Also if you have any speeding tickets that could hurt you.
  7. What Raith said, MSF course and bundle it with your cages and house/renters ins. I loved my coverage with Progressive when I had full coverage, decent price 40-50 per month and when my GSXR750 went down they covered everything, the bike, my gear (boots, leathers, helmet, gloves, etc.) and paid me for all the extras I had added to the bike, (Dynojet, titanium header, Yoshi muffler, HID's, Vortex rear sets) Geico couldn't touch that coverage for the price.
  8. Progressive or Geico