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Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Busadown, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. I'm looking for :idea: input on Insurance I found a Quote for my 05 busa for over $1000, and change a year; what do you guy's out here are doing? Six month's? Full coverage with the works? I'm gearing up for this spring;summer baby. :!:
  2. If you can get state farm they are the usually the cheapest-But usually you have to have a car or something before they will take you. 1k is not bad for full coverage on a new bike that big. I was paying 1300 for my 1k for full coverage.

    Try Mike Johnsrud @ Foremost in renton-425-785-8098 he is a cool guy and helped me when it was time for them to pay a claim. Its worth a try-tell him Leon gave you the number

  3. I went insurance shopping before i purchased my bike since the company i had was less than motorcycle friendly.

    I also found State Farm, Christine Hutton in Bellevue--425-643-6505.

    Covering my 86 Toyota pick up with libility gave me the second car discount.

    With one speeding ticket in the last 3 years and getting full coverage on my 04 R1 it's running me $145.00 a month.

    The $145 includes $12.00 a month for a seperate medical plan that pays any time you must go to the hospital--on top of my regular medical plan.

    The extra 12 bucks seems well worth it to me as it covers most or all of your co pay with your Standard medical plan.

    If you can manage no tickets on your record there is a pretty big drop in price.

    I'm still working on that part.. 8)

    Good Luck.

  4. I'm payin about $25/month for full coverage on my r6 through state farm. if you have a car, they can write the policy under the car. otherwise, it's like I had bought a brand new corvette (I was only 24, 26 now). problem with state farm is two tickets and your gone, or one if its bad. So i've learned to ride more conservatively. good luck.
  5. Me personally, I dont have insurance. Never had. Never wrecked either, no plans to, I simply refuse to. I'm not trying to sound cocky, but I'd rather see that money invested in a good gear. If your poor enough, the state will forgive the medical expenses from anything major.

    That said, I suppose insurance is perhaps more worth it that first year of owning a brand new bike only. Arguabely the second year of a new bike. Third year bike or used just isnt worth it, not with depreciation and replacement value out there.

    No one will insure me anyway, not because of my record, I have a perfect clean driving record for insurance. But because of the size of the engine indexed to my age. I guess the statistical researchers for insurance dont dictate that a 26-year old should own a 1200cc crotch rocket. I was 24 when I bought it brand new, less than a tenth of a mile on it as I pulled it off the showroom floor, and couldnt get insurance on it then. I've dropped 30,000 clean ones since then, still going strong...I'm happier with my Vanson than with any paper sitting in the back of the bike saying insured.

    Just watch out for manhole covers, aint that right LRG?
  6. Insurance is a good buy if you can afford it and the if a couple years of the insurance doesn't equal the cost of the bike.

    Also look if they cover accessories-my policy covered 1500 for the bike and 2k for protective gear-

    Glad I had ins- Don't know if I can afford collision on my next bike though after a claim-

    You seattle guys at least get liability and THEFT- a lot of bikes disappear over there and its about 1/4 of full coverage.

    Daniel - a forget it you already know what i am going to say-HAHA