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Insuring a Small Motorcycle VIN Number

Discussion in 'Westside' started by George Jatt, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. Hello PNW riders

    My name is George Jatt. I recently moved to the US from Canada. I've been riding since 2002 up north. Six months ago I got my motorcycle licence in Washington by taking the safety course. During the Winter of 2016 I bought a Big Bear Venom Chopper. It sat in the garage until spring. Now I would like to insure it before riding. I have found that in Washington state insurance of motorcycles is not a requirement. However, I would still like to buy an insurance.

    Problem: My motorcycle has a 4 digit VIN number which I believe is the frame number. Insurance companies require a larger VIN number to issue a policy. The 4 digit VIN number is on my registration. The insurance companies are telling me that I need a larger VIN for them to insure the bike.

    If any one has any information about a similar problem they've ran into please help me out. I would really like to insure my bike soon.

    Thank-you for the time
    George Jatt
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  2. Check with the manufacturer, they may have another vin location you don't see.

    If a four digit vin is all you have, call the Washington state patrol vin inspection lanes. A lot of times, they can put an assigned vin on vehicles that don't meet the 17 digit requirement. You'll just have to bring in all paperwork you have for the bike.
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  3. Thanks for the good information, really appreciate it. I'll give the state patrol thing a go. I'll tell you how it goes.

    George Jatt
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