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Introduce yourself Palouse style

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by Avboden, May 10, 2009.

  1. So lately i've been seeing a few screen names I don't know here in the Pullman/Moscow section. Figured it would be cool to have an intro's thread. Tell us about you, your ride, are you in school? etc.

    Andrew Bodenstein
    2007 BMW F800S usually parked across from Bohler on Colorado last year
    Jr. undergraduate @ WSU In Neuroscience and Zoology

    I'm in spokane for the summer right now but will come down for some rides here and there.

    Also, towards the end of the year I was seeing tons of bikes on campus i've never seen before. Lets try to get them on here!
  2. yeah, thought about the intro thread idea, but then like...i dunno. never went past that.

    mebe i'll make an official one and sticky it.


  3. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    Chris Cordodor
    I work for WSU in Admissions/Recruitment as a computer guy. Came to school in '98 and never left. I ride a 2003 VFR 800 that I picked up 2 weeks ago. I'd been bikeless for 1.5 yrs before that. I've owned and sold a 78 DT175. 04R6, and a 79SR500.

    Go Cougs!
  4. Why not just sticky this one? Or are my threads not good enough for you huh? :x

    Who's next?
  5. Joe Ma'ama
    Too many bikes to list, mostly moving slowly in front of your cage
    Public Relations for Simon Wiesenthal Center
  6. you are correct, sir.
  7. My name is Jeff Jones, and I am a Professor at WSU in Chemistry. I ride a 2008 XB12XT, 2004 YZF R6 (both red), and a WR250F. I ride a lot. I have already put over 5,000 miles on my bikes this year. :mfclap: With summer here I ride during the week in the mornings, and on the weekend camp and ride dirt bikes with my family when I can. One note: I have profound hearing loss, so if I can't see your lips, am wearing helmet etc., you have to be patient with me.:scratchea
  8. Jared Grew up in Moscow, havent lived here for years, Now i work summers here, winters in Seattle or LA, as a pilot. I have rode bikes my hole life,
    and my FAV is mu Supermoto. and If u ride with me dont get mad Not much gear and Lotes of wheelies and other stuff some people dont like!
  9. Well I figure I should re-introduce myself...

    Names Chuck, I've had a few bikes, 91 fzr600, 02R6 (hence screen name), 03 R1, and now recently acquired an 81 KZ750. Venturing away from the Y, but so far so good. I really need to get back on a sportbike though, cruizers are ok, but I love the handling of sportbikes.

    Came to school here in 99, lived and worked here till 06, moved to shelton for 2 years for work, now I'm back (moved back last summer). Used to ride with a bunch of guys from pnwriders, but I'm not sure who all is around anymore. Still have bike nights?
  10. Alex "Gum-B" Graham
    Student at the community collages of spokane in the gladish community center.
    Lived in pullman since 2003 moved here to go to school.
    I Currently ride a 2005 Yamaha R1 Raven. I had 2007 Ninja 250 for a while, and before that i rode a Honda cb125.
    I am a mobile electronics specialist. It pays my bills so i can live and go to school.
    We seriously need a weekly or bi-weekly riding group.
  11. My name is Jason and I am graduating U of I with a BFA this weekend, moving near Seattle by the end of July.

    I ride a green 2008 Ninja 250R, Icon gear. May also see me on my black 09 Honda Ruckus or the yellow 350z.

    I own Marble Productions which puts on the "Excelerator" car & sportbike show which some may have gone to among other events...
  12. Wade. Graduated from WSU. Work at WSU. Have ridden motos to WSU for a long time. Too long. Over 20 years now. :scared
  13. ^^^
    This guy may or may not exist. We aren't sure...
  14. My name is Jake. Lived in the LC valley since 97 and work at Valley Medical Center. Bought a Versys in May of 08 and love it. Although, I could think of about 10 other motos I'd like to have in my garage... One at a time 8)
  15. My name is Shawn and I have been in Pullman for about 4 years now. I worked full time when I moved here but then was accepted to WSU in 2006. I am majoring in MIS (management information systems) and my Fiancee is working on her masters in health communications.

    I previously owned a 2006 Ninja 250 and upgraded to my 2007 SV650S last summer.
  16. I'm Dan. I grew up outside Eugene, OR and rode bikes and 3/4 wheelers most my life. I've lived in Moscow for ~13 years now. Should finish my Ph.D. any minute now, but I'm planning to stay in the area. I run the Small Engine Research Facility (SmERF) for the U of I in the mechanical engineering department.

    I've currently got an 03 Yamaha R6 and an 03 KTM 625 SXC that's been converted to a supermoto. However, both will be for sale soon and I should have a new 07 KTM 950 Supermoto R.
  17. I'd like either of those bikes you're selling. :evil4:

    I had an AgE class at UI (one of many) and we got to play on the that your area? Of course, I think it was a couple hondo hp tractor we were using so I don't know if that qualifies as small engine. I know it was in the ME building across from the power plant.
  18. im not making any know who i am...
    Last edited: May 16, 2009
  19. :werd

    Hey I met a new rider the other day out in Bovill as I was heading out to meet up with the Lee Newbill Memorial ride. Names Chris, teaches at UI (I think he said UI). Gave him the forum addy. I hope he posts up an intro!
  20. "...IF you slide off the side of the road.", is the end of that sentence!
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